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    Has home brewing changed your tastes in beer?

    To give this a bump, what I find myself buying commercially is mostly hop bombs since I don't like most yeast flavors and I find it much easier to get malt to do what I want than hops. If I buy a high IBU IPA I'll generally enjoy it but most commercial stouts etc. I don't like as much as the...
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    How has Brulosophy changed your brewing habits?

    I've done a lot of split batches of my own inspired by their basic idea and changed things based on my beers rather than their beers since I can't taste their beers. For example I've started using US-05 for most everything after prefering it again and again across different split batches.
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    hops tincture?

    Friend did this. Added hoppiness but less than a dry hop. I'd only do this if I were doing a real balls to the wall IPA that already had a massive hop stand and dry hop.
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    What are your contrarian/"unpopular" beer opinions?

    So many things in the beer world are based on inertia. There's so many things that can be shaken up without adding a bunch of adjuncts.
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    What are your contrarian/"unpopular" beer opinions?

    Yeah but drinking stuff that tastes more like white wine than the heavily backsweetened commercial stuff messes with a lot of people's expectations. This is also why I'm moving more and more into malt-driven beers (love my new stout with 20% brown malt), they're not necessarily my favorite to...
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    Fuming - About Ready to Hang it Up

    Did you check temp at the END of the mash? Temp could be dropping too fast.
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    From partial to AG

    Agreed completely, I screwed up my first BIAB AG badly that I can't imagine what sort of horrors would've happened if I'd combined those ****-ups with the newbie ****-ups I engaged in when I first started. Perfect progression for me would be: 1. LME and hops. 2. LME, steeped grains and hops. 3...
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    Never dump your beer!!! Patience IS a virtue!!! Time heals all things, even beer!

    That's why I like plastic bottles, got an insanely overcarbed batch once that bloated out my bottles and gave me way way way too much head but not one of the bottles burst, the worst I had was one with hairline cracks in the plastic but then the air escaped through the cracks and the situation...
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    Yakima Valley Hops 2017 crop?

    And then after Thansgiving you get the crazy good sales old hops.
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    Price of craft beer?

    I live near a CostCo, they were (IIRC) selling 12-packs of Kirkland branded beer for $48. I save so much money homebrewing in Korea.
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    Old School Brewing

    I guessed my father brewed an old-style kit and kilo and didn't add in the kilo. But, nope, it was normal 5%ish beer he just lied and my mom believed that even after drinking some and having a stupidly low alcohol tolerance. My mom is incredibly gullible...
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    Price of craft beer?

    Ruinously expensive here in Korea. Nearly $6 for a bottle of SNPA retail, have seen stuff like Old Rasputin go for as much as $8. You can find cheaper stuff but it's often old or bad like the $3 PA I was able to find from a brewery in California that had gone out of business that smelled like...
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    Couple of bitters - with invert sugars &/or maize

    Have tried to make darker invert syrup at home but haven't found a reliable method, either it doesn't darken at all or it becomes full-on caramel. What method are you using?
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    Old School Brewing

    Didn't brew a long time ago but my father brewed in the early 80's/late 70's and I read his (hilariously awful) brewing guide. From what I gather things were a lot less exact (as in recipes that called for "ale yeast" and "hops" without specifying anything further), people mostly used extract...
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    wb-06 experience

    Found that yeast to be incredibly mild, no bananas whatsoever.
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    Stout: Strong Chocolate character

    This worked great for me: If you want to go nuts with chocolate double their quantitues. And make a bit extra for shots, stuff is delicious. And go eeeeeeasy with vanilla. Stuff is incredibly potent.
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    What are your contrarian/"unpopular" beer opinions?

    I've had results that have directly contradicted some of their articles and I trust my tongue more than them but at least they've gotten people asking some of the right questions.
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    What are your contrarian/"unpopular" beer opinions?

    Yup, if anything I go out of my way to **** with style. End up with stuff like a bock with a bunch of brown malt and a good bit of Northern Brewer hops at flameout. Loved that beer. Only one bottle left :(
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    S-04 flavor

    I had a black pepper taste once with English yeast (not US-04) that only appeared in some bottles of the batch. I have no idea where it come from but the bottles that didn't taste like black pepper tasted hoppy (big dry hop) and the ones with the black pepper taste didn't taste hoppy. Confused...
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    What are your contrarian/"unpopular" beer opinions?

    I've become pretty good at making malty beers, even though I prefer hoppy ones simply because it's much easier for me to get the malt to do what I want than hops. Malty beer is great as long as it's not both boozy and estery, those tend to have a sickly sweet flavor that I can't stand. What...