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  1. J

    Moving to Hood River, OR / White Salmon, WA

    Hello everybody! I am moving to the area in less than a month. I am looking at a few places, but am really close to securing a place in White Salmon. It's crazy because I am going to be agreeing to a one year lease sight unseen. I am wondering if any HBT'ers could step in who live in the...
  2. J

    NanoBrewery build

  3. J

    Will someone send me some Pliny?

    They won't ship Pliny to philly. Listen to the brewing network Archive from 1/7/10, vinnie talks about it here
  4. J

    nosferatu extract recipe
  5. J

    nosferatu extract recipe

    I tried putting a line out on this a year or two ago, I'll shoot an email to the brewery in a bit and see if I can get any bites
  6. J

    Janet's Brown (Brewing Classic Styles)

    Is that 8 weeks in bottles?
  7. J

    Buffalo NY water profile

    From what I understand, highly hopped beers are best served fresh so dry hopping a keg would be ideal as the hop flavor and aroma compounds are volatile and detoriate with age,especially if stored with yeast. A all late hop addition pale I bottled bout 4 weeks ago is a shell of itself at 2...
  8. J

    Buffalo NY water profile

    I'm just outside the B-lo and I've had tremendous success with hoppy beers. Where are you getting your hops and do you Have any recipes/processes?
  9. J

    1000 oaks mini barrels

    I also just recevied a 10L for my B day, wondering if you heard back from them.
  10. J

    Juniper Scottish 70/-

  11. J

    Calling all English IPA Brewers!

    thanks david... By killer I meant just really good, not super hoppy. any other good english variety hops that would pair well with these two?
  12. J

    Calling all English IPA Brewers!

    Yes, Yes I've searched the archives... Im looking for some input on an English IPA hop schedule. I haven't brewed with these and to my knowledge do not know their flavor profiles, however I have 4 oz of fuggles and 4 oz of northern brewer in my freezer. I just need a solid hop schedule to...
  13. J

    what to brew...

    is there anything, You think Im obligated to brew as a not-so-noob? Or what are your must brews?
  14. J

    what to brew...

    So I've got a few porters ( one placed 3rd @ AWOG), a pale ale, an IPA, a brown ale. And I can't make a friggin decison on what to brew next. Any ideas?
  15. J

    Hop Help (another IPA critique)

    I'm brewing Thursday. I appreciate the feedback, I'll let ya know how it goes. Thanks!
  16. J

    Hop Help (another IPA critique)

    word. I think I'll stick with the single addition of warrior. I do want the biscuity notes of the victory though, would taking it up to a pound be a bad thing? I got the pacman chillin in the fridge, I'll start ramping it up today or tomorrow. Thanks for the quick replies!
  17. J

    Hop Help (another IPA critique)

    taking the crystal down to 10L lowered the color out of range, How about adding a little more victory to .75 or a full pound ? For the yeast, I'm planning on using pacman. Should I replace the warrior with something? More simcoe perhaps? I also have a bunch of northern brewer? what do...
  18. J

    Hop Help (another IPA critique)

    I was fixating on head retention, uneccessarily I think, thats why I was thinking carapils, and I'm curious about melanodin. But I think I'll heed that advice, thanks Yoop.
  19. J

    Hop Help (another IPA critique)

    I got a brew coming up Thursday before I leave town for a week. My first Imperial IPA I don't have any experience with any of these hops aside from cascade. Heres the recipe; I'm planning on doing continuous additions ala DFH. Let me know what ya think. 13.00 lb Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2.0...
  20. J

    AHS Toasted Coconut Porter

    I left at least a week, probably more than that. I'm blessed with procrastination, which I too often hear is a rarity in homebrewing.