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    Trimming next spring

    I have 2 plants that are 3 years old I need to move next spring. When I move them should I plan on trimming the roots? also i will be moving them to the side of my house and building some raised beds with brick one plant per bed. Does anyone have any info on how big I should make these beds? I...
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    low pressure or high

    I am looking to buy a kegging system but have some issues with parts. looking at duel regulates they come in low pressure or high. What is the best to use i will be using pin lock kegs i get them for $10 each and i have 12 coming so i will stick with pin lock
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    First sours, a couple of questions

    you should buy the book it's great :)
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    Can someone help me out with a complete Equipment list!

    for 1 gallon i would read the brew in a bag thread. for cooling a 1 gallon with a chiller not sure you should be able to ice back it if the volume is that low. take the pot and move it to the sink fill the sink with cold water then let it cool off once the water warms up you can drain it. I...
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    What is the difference....

    and it matters because adding grains will lower the water temp(aka mash temp once they are mixed) for most beers my water temp is 13.5 deg F higher then my target mast temp. once I add the grains and stir the temp lowers and hits my mash temp.
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    Can someone help me out with a complete Equipment list!

    the biggest thing is a good size pot (I found a used one at a cooking store 8.2 gallon stainless), Mash Tun (aka converted cooler I used flyguy's drinking cooler with braid),wort chiller(i coiled some copper tubing), and thermometer the rest you can get away with your other brewing equipment...
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    what bjcp category do you think this is

    I still have not decided what I am I going to do I have all the grains separated. Tho even if I brew it with the advice to scale back crystal before bottling I can taste it bottle 1 gallon and blend it with another beer. I will gladly take any advice from the great brewers here. thanks for...
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    what bjcp category do you think this is

    won't be the first bad beer i have made in the quest to learn. if it does turn out good i have 2 cases of beer to make brats
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    what bjcp category do you think this is

    if it's somthing as simple as a yeast i can change that. if not i can just brew this on friday and not enter it and do a Berliner Weiss to enter.
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    what bjcp category do you think this is

    Yes 5 gallon i was thinking maybe a Belgian triple i could add some sugar to dry it out.
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    what bjcp category do you think this is

    1lb Crystal 40L 1lb Crystal 60L 1lb crystal 20L 1/2lb melodine malt 6 lb vinna malt 4 1/2 lb maris otter hops 1 oz galena 13% @ 60min 1 oz spalt 2.6% @ 20 min yeast notty I get about 77% efficiency I will take any suggestions on hop/malt balance i have not done any...
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    is it infected

    i have 3 infected( enhanced) beers right now and believe me if you smell it you be able to tell. and ya get it below 70 you will probably have high alcohol flavors.
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    Saving oak chips

    I have some oak chips with brett in them. After I rack the beer i am wondering how to to store them.
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    Calling all blenders

    I have been blending some of my beers, you can also make a new batch of beer and refill a carboy I did this a few times makes a whole new beer and it ferments quicker.
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    Using a grill to roast your grains

    you would have to be really careful of hot spots.
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    Ugh, overshot mash temp

    you can taste in into the kettle you will know if your ok, the tannins would be strong and evident my guess is the worst that might happen is you get a dry beer.
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    harvested yeast question (brewing today)

    it is fairly unlikely that pitching it all will change the beer. uless you are making a very lite hopped beer. but a starter is almost always better
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    real quick yeast washing question

    the trick is to get quality not quantity
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    harvested yeast question (brewing today)

    the stuff on top is your most viable yeast at the time butit's probly not the only usfull yeast in there. then washing yeast they do it twice teh first time gets most of the trub and junk out. then you drain the water off that water have the suspended yeast in it and you let that settle out...
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    Hardware for Yeast Washing?

    just keep them cold