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    Can you install swing caps?

    Those are replacement swing-tops for bottles made to use them, not for just any beer bottle. Swing top bottles have two indentations near the top that allow the tops pictured there to be installed. As far as I know there is no such thing as turning a normal bottle into a swing top.
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    What temp for strike what?

    I'm assuming you don't already have brewing software, so you might try using this batch sparge calculator for the time being.
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    First brew fermation questions

    You will want to remove the beer from above the trub, but you won't be actively filtering anything. Assuming you are using some sort of auto-siphon you will just rack the beer over and then stop when you start sucking up lots of yeast and trub. You would however most likely be fine to just...
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    Is Cider naturally gluten free?

    I'm not entirely sure about the rest, but you may want to look into priming your bottles with additional juice rather than sugar, otherwise you may lose your gluten free status.
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    Which Pitching rate ?!

    2 grams? Are you brewing a single gallon of beer?
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    American Pale Ale Cascades / Orange Pale Ale

    First wort hopping is adding the bittering hops when you first begin to collect your wort during the sparge. So no, you don't need to start the clock 30 minutes into the boil.
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    What am I missing?!

    The only thing that really strikes me as a potential cause is your mash temps. 155-157 will tend to produce very malty brews. Try knocking that down to around 152-153 initially and see where that gets you.
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    My first infection

    Looks fine to me. I assume it smelled and tasted normal.
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    Safale US-05 trub or yeast?

    What was your method of collection? It looks like you may have a fine layer of yeast sitting on the top.
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    Wet Hopping

    Wet hopping does not have to be a substitution for dry hopping. I doubt you would even want to use them in place of dry hops given the increased amount of space they would take up in your fermenter. I believe that most brewers/breweries that wet hop use the freshly picked hops in place of...
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    Adding Kahlua to a sweet stout

    The sugar itself isn't going to boost the abv much, I think its around 11g of sugar per ounce serving. You could maybe account for that at bottling by adding less priming sugar, but that could be potentially tricky if that 11g/oz of sugar isn't entirely fermentable. If I wanted to add kalhua...
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    Adding Kahlua to a sweet stout

    Be careful with adding the kahlua at bottling. You will need to account for its sugar content.
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    Brew noob in VA, reporting for duty!

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Do I have enough yeast?

    Pacman being the beast that it is, I would just let it keep rolling along without any additional help.
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    How to use Maltodextrin??

    When I use maltodextrin in porters/stouts I add it with around 15min left in the boil. You could probably add it earlier or later in the boil with no ill effects. Not sure why you want to add it to your barleywine at all though. They have a knack for being fairly thick without any help from...
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    93-94% attenuation?

    Are you mashing for an unusually long time at lower temperatures?
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    Do I have enough yeast?

    Here's a good resource (actually still from mr. malty) on yeast starter essentials. Basically you want somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 ounces of dme per quart of starter. Or 1g per 10ml if you would rather go metric. Oh, and there's a drop down box on the pitch rate calculator. If you...
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    attenuation question

    FG = OG-((OG-1)*Attenuation) so FG=1.065 - (.065*.75) = 1.065-.049 = 1.016 Follow?
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    Do I have enough yeast?

    How large was your starter? I imagine you would be fine with what you have and wouldn't recommend an extra vial, but here's a pitching rate calculator if you want to take a look. If you made a much smaller starter than recommended you could always add some fresh starter wort and pitch about...
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    Boil off question

    I'm confused, did you actually measure 6 gallons pre-boil or just make an assumption? From the information you've given it looks like you only added a tad over 6 gallons of mash water period. Did you sparge or just mash out. I'm guessing you had well short of 6 gallons when you started your boil.