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  1. J

    Priming sugar instruction

    I misplaced the instructions for the kit I recently brewed. What is the standard procedure for using priming sugar?
  2. J

    True Brew Kit Help

    I think I am going to let it go the full three weeks and bottle.
  3. J

    True Brew Kit Help

    About two weeks ago I brewed True Brew's Summer Wheat Kit. Seven hours after pitching I had a steady fermentation(one bubble every two seconds). At 14 hrs the airlock was in a perfect cardiac rhythm. But after about 24/36 hrs fermentation came to a complete stop(I haven’t seen the airlock...
  4. J

    True Brew Kit Help

    The only info on the yeast packet is rehydration instructions. Which contradicts the True Brew instructions
  5. J

    True Brew Kit Help

    I am about to brew my first batch. I bought a True Brew Summer Wheat kit. In the direction there is no information about ideal fermentation temps. The only mention in the directions about temp. is to pitch the yeast under 90 degrees. Any advice or furthure info would be greatly appreciated...
  6. J

    Moving fermenter

    I have been waiting to do my first brew because I might be moving(across town or across the state) How bad would it be if I transported the beer while it is fermenting?
  7. J

    Schlafle's brewery/Morgan St. Brewery St. Louis Visits

    I interned in st louis last summer, this was before I started brewing. I went to Trail Head twice, I remember thinking the beer was ok. Me and my girlfriend went into Morgan Street one night after a cardinals game, and left in 15 mins... I wonder why? The second day I was in STL one of my new...
  8. J

    Yeast Starter Kit

    I am about to brew my first batch and have been looking at yeast starter kits on, mainly because I dont have any DME or yeast nutrient and I wouldnt mind having a flask(even though I could use several other vessels). The question is what size flask should I get 500, 1000, 2000 ml...
  9. J

    Must I use DME to start my yeast?

    I just started brewing and thought of this the other day when I was watching some videos on Should you use the same kind of extract for the recipe you are using? I know the yeast dont really care what extract they are in, but will it effect the final outcome of the beer if the...