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    Home Super Brewery Build: Hybrid Electric/Gas 3BBL Build

    Congrats! Excuse my ignorance, but I've been looking at a few commercial setups recently just for interests sake. I cant quite figure out how the equipment is utilised. on page 45, am I correct in saying the largest stanless vessle is a combined MT (on top) , since the mash agitator motor is...
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    Kegerator out of a Bull Semen Tank

    Really? I say screw the kegerator and turn that puppy into a steam powered mash tun
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    HERMS recirc issues

    He clearly stated that the issue isn't a flow restriction through the false bottom and that the HERMS coil is indeed 1/2". What pump are you running and what's the "uncoiled" length of your HERMS coil? You need to do a few tests. Since you say initial circulation is fine and the slow flow is...
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    Fermenting S-04 Cleanly

    I always have issues with my S-04 flocculating. It takes a month + to do so and is still not as clear as the same batch that was split and fermented with us-05 after the first week and a half in the primary (from which all yeast has settled out of suspension) and I ferment low enough.. around 16degC
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    I grabbed these to save my yeast in thought I would share

    Not good for slanting as they dont take well to pressure cooking. You need autoclave-able test tubes.
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    Android Controlled Electric Brewery Part 1

    edit** ...... sorry, wrong topic
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    Sunoco, fill tank get free growler fill

    I see this and all I'm jealous of is your gas price. Here in South Africa, we are paying around $5-6 a gallon.
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    What's the smallest batch of beer you've made?

    I am at some point going to try ferment a 5 gallon batch in 5 1gal jugs to experiment. Makes for quicker experimenting with yeasts and temps.
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    What's your profession?

    BSc Geology University of cape town Finishing off my honours
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    Protein Rest Question

    I read somewhere that when using high wheat content (such as wit/weiss) that the protein rest helps with preventing stuck sparges. Do I have my info mixed up.
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    Is there a market for SS Motorized Ball Valves?

    I must say, of all the countries I've dealt with when importing goods, Chinese companies seem to have been the most efficient and helpful. Perhaps that is just good luck... Staying in South Africa, many companies from other countries wont even ship goods here.. Haha Hope the valves do you well.
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    Raspberry Pi Brewhouse controller?

    Wont you still need a I/O interface of some sort?
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    Soda Keg Tops

    Im assuming you saw that here Planning on doing it myself soon with a conical bottom.