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    Old beer kit

    There should be a date (best before) on the malted, hopped extract tin. The Coopers ones I buy are all dated 2010. Check it out should be still good
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    Coopers Dark Ale beer kit--fermentables other than sugar?

    OH i forgot Mr jeffrey, I keep my beer in our bedroom (best heated vent) which my wife gets very, VERY annoyed with. She doesnt drink and hates the smell of beer lol (its true). So if your married and wanna keep your marraige I would store my beer somewhere else, anywhere else lol Cheers
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    Coopers Dark Ale beer kit--fermentables other than sugar?

    Mr Jeffrey, I have brewed around 15 batches so far and the Coopers carbonation drops never worked, granted I drink my beer in usually 7 to 10 days. Storing longer would probably help. Every batch I have made are all Coopers malted hopped extract cans. if find IPA the best as its way more...
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    Can I make twist-offs work somehow?

    most of my bottles are twist offs and I have broken every clear glass (except sleemans), not by capping but by uncapping. I loose 4 to 6 brown 12 ounze bottles per batch too. The best clear glass is Sleemans honey brown ale bottles, they are built like a tank...thick, thick glass.
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    My most disappointing brew vs. store bought.

    Well Dave I suppose it depends on what store bought beer your it comparing to. I have brewed around 13 to 15 batches to far and all were drinkable, but to be honest as far I can say, personally, I prefare commercial beer no matter how bad it is. It doesnt say a lot about my home brewing...
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    Dump it or age it? Perfumed beer?

    Odins thats the trick buddy lol. I used the can of Coopers malted, hopped ...thing and 2.2 lbs of corn sugar on this one. Like I said I couldnt think of a word to describe this until your "PERFUMED" coment came up. I never have had an infection as I am meticilous on that end. Drinking it...
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    How important is water treatment?

    I live in Vancouver, Canada. When I run my cold water and put my nose within 5 inches of it I can actually smell the Chlorine. I boil my water the day before I brew cause I dont trust it.
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    No head, Nicely carbonated...

    I can never get a good head either (mine is carbonated aswell) thats why I drink from the bottles. Currently Coopers IPA 500 grams DME 500 grams Dextrose.
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    Primary fermentation question

    My shortest was 5 days. longest 6 but I only brew easy ass Coopers kits. Interesting...please keep us posted beerrun.
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    Dump it or age it? Perfumed beer?

    I had to comment on your question, because I have had two batches (including my current) that smells of perfume. I have never been able to describe it before but the word "perfumed" is perfect. Last night I poured a beer from my new batch in a glass. Yikes the smell...I forced 3 down...
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    Can i use DME instead of sugar to brew?

    Oh sorry, Yeah 2.2lbs is equal to 1 Kilogram. Was I not supposed to be using corn sugar?...OMG, YIKES All thats in the beermaking PART of the store is Coopers kits, wine making stuff. Corn sugar and DME
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    Can i use DME instead of sugar to brew?

    Hi Guys, I am fairly new to home brewing. The last 3 batches I made were all Coopers kits, each of them I added 1 Kilogram of sugar (corn sugar) and they all tasted kinda nasty. I am sure there was no infection incidentally as I really sanatise well. Could I add 1 Kilogram of DME instead of...
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    Coopers kit question

    I am in Burnaby, British Columbia and my next beer is going to be Coopers as its the only brand in the local stores. What the hell is LME nad DME stand for anyway. I searched these abbraviations on the net but still cant get an answer Colm
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    How much priming sugar?

    I had a similar question actually and I am going to go with Coopers carbonation drops, you put one in per 12oz bottle.
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    From wort to drinking - What is the fastest beer kit to brew?

    I just bought a a "Brewers Spring" (canada) beer kit, I didnt realise but it takes approx 5 weeks before I can drink it. This is way to long for me as beer is so expensive in Canada. Is Coopers faster? Anyone know what is the quickest beer to brew? Many thanks:mug: