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    Dead Guy Ale

    Dude...Bitter Orange Peel in a Dead Guy Ale is a terrible idea It will change the WHOLE landscape of what Dead Guy Ale is...and may ruin the beer itself Save your bitter orange peel for a Belgian White....or a Weiss However...If you have a unwavering desire to do something DIFFERENT to...
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    Keg Hops

    So I have a Double Red IPA sitting in the secondary ferm dry hopping and was reading a Papazian story about Jeff Bagby's "Hop Wompus" APPARENTLY...Mr. Bagby places 3.oz of hops in a hop sack and throws it into his keg...forces carbination...and presents a brew that has a hop aroma you could...
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    Is This A Crazy Idea?

    I was reading a Charlie Papazian journal entry.... He was in Italy looking for homebrewes when he came across this guy who was fermenting an IPA The guy had put headphones around the fermentor and was blasting Indian Sitar music.... They guy's explanation was based off a scientific...
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    Want to make my spare fridge a beer draft fridge

    I got my conversion kit from the The Beverage factory They have all that stuff you need Mine is a converted freezer...we can hold four cornelious kegs and two half berrel kegs it is a world of difference....congrats on your life changing decision
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    Conditioning temperature

    I try to drop the tempeture of my ale wort during the last couple of days on my secondary All the remaining yeast cells drop to the bottom...and it makes life so much easier to transfer the wort into the keg seems to me that you have your beer in good shape
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    Ready to get into brewing. 2 Concerns.'s not the fermenting that produces the funkyness...but it's the boiling of the wort (the liquid substance that becomes beer after the yeast is pitched) I would reccomend you try to boil the wort OUTSIDE....the odors produced during the brewing process can stick around for quite...
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    Why does my beer taste like virginia ham?

    It seems like you are using the right yeast for the job.... But most White Labs yeats have some sweet and funky results Try jumping to the dark side of Wyeast Liquid yeasts I've never had a bad or unexpected result in my last six batches Dog Fish Head uses Wyeast 1187 Ringwood Ale...
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    What kind of beer did I make??

    Thank you for the clarification stickler :) Cheers:mug:
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    New Home = Better Beer?

    Quote: Originally Posted by BGT Hophead can't even HAVE basements in Florida Forgive my ignorance, but, why not? I'm a brewer...I'm very forgiving ANYWAY... in Florida...if you dig anywhere in the ballpark of three to four feet down...your in water I first became...
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    Airlock still bubbling like every 5 mins after 13 days

    First and should really get yourself a secondary Even if it's the placstic "Better Bottles" It sounds like your ale is calming down...and because you live in Florida (I do too), the fermentation process exceeds whats considered "normal time" If your airlock is still...
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    What kind of beer did I make??

    So The IBU's and the Dark Brown color gave me a Homebrewing hard on :cross: but I digress It's almost Northern Brown...almost Nut Brown...almost Porter if your a fan of South should name his brew "ManBearPig" "It's half man, half bear, and half pig....I'm cereal"
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    New Home = Better Beer? can't even HAVE basements in Florida Anytime I have to "celler" an ale during the secondary, I have to clear space for the carboy in my tempeture controlled kegerator My old house in New York has a root cellar....Imagine Lagering in one of those!