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    Dank Hops

    When I want mega dank I use EXP 07270. Holy moly, a poofteenth of this stuff gives weed city.
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    Why is my beer hazy with hop particles?

    If I read this right, your hops are in the serving keg and you are using a floating dip tube to serve from this keg? I do this and have had the rare occasion where the floaty-ball-thing disconnects from the intake of the dip tube and then the intake sinks to gently sit on top of the hops at the...
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    why my west coast ipa is cloudy?

    IMHO, WCIPAs are characterized by a drier finish, lower yeast expression, and a bit more of the "classic" hop expression. Clarity is irrelevant. Late kettle hops and a heavy dry hop will often produce some haze.
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    Fermenting in Keg: Gas Disconnect Blow off not venting!

    The gas quick disconnect also has an internal valve/poppet that gets depressed when you connect it to the gas post. By removing the poppet from your gas post this can't happen and the gas QD remains sealed, so by putting the QD on the keg you were effectively resealing the keg. I also ferment in...
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    High altitude ABV challenges at 6500’

    Right, now I understand what you are saying, and that could be another scenario....turns out he used a refractometer though.
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    High altitude ABV challenges at 6500’

    Isn't it the other way around? Hot wort + hydrometer = low reading? Heat lowers the viscosity of sugar solutions.....
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    High altitude ABV challenges at 6500’

    There are calculators, not just adding 1.5%. This, I think, is a popular one: Refractometer Calculator - Brewer's Friend. Oops, just saw that Deric linked this.... Edit: for example, if your OG Brix reading was 15 and your FG Brix reading was ~9 you might calculate an ABV of ~3.5%, whereas...
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    High altitude ABV challenges at 6500’

    Are you measuring your final gravity with a hydrometer or refractometer? Refractometer readings need to be corrected when alcohol is present. This is about the only reasonable explanation I have for falling so short on your FG.
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    Escarpment Labs - Thiol Libre

    Quick update. I have been getting a flavour from this beer that I have had a hard time identifying, but I finally decided it was a phenolic character. Sure enough, I checked and this strain apparently can produce them. However, I did not use North American or Pilsner malts (all English MO...
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    Left malt pipe in Anvil foundry whilst raising temp to boil

    As long as your pH wasn't weirdly high (unlikely) it will be totally fine.
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    Mash enzyme question w descending mash temp

    It is not an usual type of plot in enzyme studies - each enzyme activity curve has been normalized to the condition under which the highest activity has been observed in the experiment (in this case mash). 50% would obviously be 50% of the maximum observed activity, so the entire curve is...
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    Mash enzyme question w descending mash temp

    I have heard of people using Beano and purportedly getting a more fermentable wort. I call BS on that. It is indeed alpha-galactosidase. It acts on complex polysaccharides, such as galactomannans, found in things like, well, beans, among other plant foods. Ingesting the enzyme makes the...
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    Astringency from Sparging?

    Right, good point, I neglected to consider the energy used heating the sparge water.
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    Astringency from Sparging?

    No offense, but this is a bit of a misconception. Yes, sugars are more soluble in hot water, but this only applies to sugar concentrations far, far beyond that which can be achieved in a mash. With this in mind, a sparge is only rinsing the grain of sugar that is already in solution. It doesn't...
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    Escarpment Labs - Thiol Libre

    Well, I tried this strain, and I have to say I am a bit 'meh' for the first run. No offense to Escarpment labs, who are awesome. Long story short, I did everything that I could to maximize the performance of yeast. I got a beer that has an aroma that knocks your socks off! However, the flavour...
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    Attack of the Off-Flavor (Hop Burn?). Help!

    Have you considered that it may be the yeast strain? I get a flavour from Kveik that I can only describe as a harshness, or twang/tartness, or something. I guess it could be described like the hop burn I have had from other beers that I have heavily dry hopped and tapped too early. Maybe try a...
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    Sparging with the Anvil Foundry advice.

    Having used a couple of different AIO systems over the last 7 years I can tell you this won't buy you any improvement. If I read your message correctly you are proposing to pass sugary liquid (wort) through an environment saturated with an equally sugary liquid (grain bed). It ends up being a...
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    Omega Star Party so far

    I don't know anything about that yeast strain, but a few years ago I made a NEIPA using a tried-and-true grain bill, fermented with 1318, and hopped with Wai-iti, Motueka, and a bit of Wakatu. It was awful. It was all lime and cilantro (I HATE cilantro). The hop combo definitely ruined it. I...
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    Serving at a wedding

    Why not keg it, let it clear in the keg, then bottle clear beer off the keg? I did this with beer I had to transport to an engagement party. Worked well and no special home brewed beer pouring skills were required. Otherwise, I agree with the keg it, let it clear in the keg, then transfer clear...
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    What are your tips for keeping costs down

    Off topic, but what is the science of hop storage? I used to vacuum seal and freeze, but that was just too tedious - expensive in terms of my time and materials. Now I'm sloppy and just take what I want from the 1lb bag and toss the bag back in the freezer - closed but not flushed or vacuum...