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  1. ARgon

    how often do you try a beer out of your normal style range??

    I am not a fan of Heady Topper, and it is brewed just south of me. I am a low IBU guy.
  2. ARgon

    Show us your Mead in a photo!!!

    My 2011 Ginger Mead, sorry no glass pic.
  3. ARgon

    new to homebrew forum

  4. ARgon

    High Gravity Gluten Free Brew!

    Thanks for all the info!:ban:
  5. ARgon

    What's Your preference in Pumpkin beer?

    I do like the Marzen. Picked up one of their tap handles for our fest party.
  6. ARgon

    What's Your preference in Pumpkin beer?

    Rock Art Pumpkin Imperial Spruce Stout is my favorite. It is an 8% Stout and goes down oh so good. I pick it up from the brewery in 22 oz bombers and also in 5 gallon kegs for my home pub. The guy that came up with the recipe came over to my house and we made a Pumpkin Imperial Fur Stout, I...
  7. ARgon

    Earliest Time it is "Acceptable" to drink on brew day...

    Always have a homebrew while brewing, regardless of the time of day. It is a ritual. I have a four tap system.
  8. ARgon

    What's the Best Brewing book?

    I like Papazian, and have a couple of his books (Joy of Home Brewing and The Home Brewer's Companion), I would suggest New Brewing Lager Beer by Gregory J. Noonan as well. He was a pioneer in brewing in our state and began Vermont Pub and Brewery back in 1988. I am a Noonanite. With all that...
  9. ARgon

    Imperial Pumpkin Stout Have had it and it is really good. The guy who first made it is a friend of mine and we are doing a batch early Oct. The spruce tips were picked in the spring.
  10. ARgon

    Just did my first all grain!

    It is a porter and it took all day! It was a lot of fun!
  11. photo60


  12. ARgon

    Oatmeal Stout

    Samuel Smith Tadcaster Oatmeal Stout is really good for a bought one, also Rock Art Oatmeal Stout is made in a town near here. index.html Looks like Oatmeal is off the list right now however. But they do have Barleywine. barleywine was made by Bass until 1995, and there is a good article on it...
  13. ARgon

    Oatmeal Stout

    Sounds like a good one. I may just have to try them all!!:ban:
  14. ARgon

    Oatmeal Stout

    Thanks, guys!
  15. ARgon

    Oatmeal Stout

    Thanks, that looks like a good one.
  16. ARgon

    Oatmeal Stout

    Anybody got a good recipe for an Oatmeal Stout (partial grain)?
  17. ARgon


    The mind is a great thing. Once new a guy who said he built a house there (Nam Vet). Brew away, Lad!:mug:
  18. ARgon

    Hello from RI

    +1 These guys seem to really know their stuff. I hope to learn as well.
  19. ARgon

    ARgon checking in from VT

    You may be no chemist, but you have some nice glassware.
  20. ARgon

    ARgon checking in from VT

    Nothing like having the back meadow full of females doing all the work.......JUST KIDDING!!! I DON'T WANT ALL THE BREW GALS BEATING ME OVER THE HEAD!!:mug: