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  1. yashicamat

    AG with a limited boil size?

    I am contemplating having a go at my first AG brew. It will be definately very rough around the edges, but I'd like to try it anyway!:) I only have a 19 quart boil pan at the moment though (I do also have an 11 quart one too). I can get my oven to maintain a temperature of about 152F so my...
  2. yashicamat

    Agressive Fermentation, Large chunks CRAZY.

    My latest beer was very turbulent and the two things that are different are I used a reasonable proportion of grain and I also used a starter. I think the grain adds extra nutrients for the yeast to party on and the starter is like gatecrashing the party! Mine has settled down now in it's 3rd...
  3. yashicamat

    Copper Dragon Golden Pippin clone?

    OK, this is one almost certainly just for the UK members as I doubt that the Copper Dragon brewery distributes much outside of the UK. This is one of my favourite cask ales and I would love to come close to that amazingly complex flavour. Could anyone try and help me build a partial-mash...
  4. yashicamat

    Deuchars IPA Clone Recipe?

    Mmm yes I was thinking that Deuchars isn't a very bitter beer normally. Served in my local and other pubs I frequent (although to be honest it's almost always outclassed though so I don't drink it a huge amount). I am very interested in this beer because while it isn't quite hoppy enough for...
  5. yashicamat

    Deuchars IPA Clone Recipe?

    Keep us posted. :) I'm curious to see how this one turns out!
  6. yashicamat

    What do YOU do when you get a bad vial of yeast?

    I had this problem. My bad yeast (a Wyeast Brit Ale) did start to ferment, but not very much and it made some horrible smells. I was sent a replacement by courier the next day when I rang up my LHBS about it.:)
  7. yashicamat


    Well, I'll try and help but I'm not familiar with the problem (I have been on Facebook for years though:D). Did this problem occur before the "new" facebook came in (about a month ago? ish?)? Just a note: if you don't get a reply for nearly 18 hours it's not because I'm ignoring you but...
  8. yashicamat

    Wort chilling

    BB as in Betta Bottle? These are plastic and although I wouldn't be 100%, but I would imagine they're pretty resistant to temperature changes. Mine feels like you could kick it down a mountain and it'd be fine.
  9. yashicamat

    is this normal ??

  10. yashicamat

    Tasted first brew

    By boiling those grains you won't have extracted any sugar out of them, although they'll still fullfill their capacity as a speciality grain (and with all that extract there should be plenty of sugars knocking about). To be honest I wouldn't even contemplate anything other than a simple all in a...
  11. yashicamat

    My next recipe - thoughts/suggestions?

    Hmm I seem to have lost about 2 pints of wort/beer to krausen through the blowoff.:( This fermentation seems to have been too good! Still swirling around in there like a tropical storm but I think the krausen is under control now. It's not being projected down the pipe any more!
  12. yashicamat

    best metal band of all time (metallica not allowed)

    I am appreciating Metallica a lot more recently. Although it doesn't appear to the casual listener as heavy metal, numbers like "Nothing Else Matters" are full of feeling without the need to go mental on the guitar. :)
  13. yashicamat


    Yeah, although my problem is more an absence of an aftertaste at all though. Be interesting to see if my latest brew which incorporates a lot more grains will be any different.
  14. yashicamat

    My next recipe - thoughts/suggestions?

    This is a Betta Bottle but I know for a fact that there is 23 litres of wort in there (which is a little over 6 US gallons). I know this because when I first got it I carefully measured out graduations on it so I'd know at what level is what capacity. I think it is a 25 litre Betta Bottle (that...
  15. yashicamat

    Copper reacts with wort?

    It was just darker and dull, just like any lump of copper that is left about.
  16. yashicamat

    Copper reacts with wort?

    Does anyone have anything to add to Nerro's comments? I thought copper immersion chillers were sold by homebrew shops . . . . such things would surely need to be safe in order be on sale?
  17. yashicamat

    Copper reacts with wort?

    Thanks guys. :) I was rather concerned earlier when I saw what was happening! I did'nt have any other way to cool down 4.5 gallons of wort so I just pushed through with hope! Cheers.:mug:
  18. yashicamat

    My next recipe - thoughts/suggestions?

    It was brewday today for the above. :) I ended up using 2 lbs of malt as I was pressed for space a bit in my tun. I need to sort that out really! But I tweaked the speciality grains a bit: 0.5 lbs of wheat malt 1 lb of carapils 0.25 lbs 80L British crystal Whole thing went well and...
  19. yashicamat

    Copper reacts with wort?

    I made myself a copper wort immersion chiller which I used for the first time today. I had cleaned it with VWP sanitising solution, then rinsed thoroughly. What bothers me is that the whole coil was slightly dull when it went in (as you'd expect from unpolished metal) but when it came out of the...
  20. yashicamat

    Infected Beer? Any way to know?

    Judging by what I've read on here, just give it time and if still no good, then give it more time! :)