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  1. K

    Classic American Pilsner

    The recipes for award winners seem to be somewhat incomplete depending on the entrant and the contest. what i'm asking is for so help from HBT. Maybe someone here has brewed a pre-prohibition they particularly liked and would like to share the recipe. Thanks anyway. :)
  2. K

    I Love Rice Hulls!!!

    Great!! Slap me if i'm wrong. but i'm guessing you fly sparge and brew lagers. I love rice hulls too. I was getting some stuck or slow sparges brewing Helles untill i started using some rice hulls. But as Yuri said, maybe my grind is too fine. Anyway, what works, works. cheers :)
  3. K

    Classic American Pilsner

    Hey all, Can anyone help me with a GOOD AG American pilsner recipe? By "good", i mean one you have brewed yourself and really liked. Not just something from the net or some book, please. Open to any suggestions. Thanks!!:)