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    Sanitary Tap Water?

    I am about to do my first extract batch but have a question about sanitation. I will be adding adding approximately 2 gallons of boiling wort to approx. 3 gallons of cold water in my primary. Do I need to boil the 3 gallons of tap water the night before? Is the water right out of the tap...
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    Wort Chiller

    So I am having someone fabricate a copper wort chiller for me and have a question regarding the water entry/exit tubes. He said he can either set them at a 45 degree or 90 degree angle in relation to the coils. I am doing extract brewing in a 9 gallon pot (so the pot is fairly tall). I am...
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    7.5 Gallon Brew Kettle?

    Should I try to get an 8 gallon just to be safe? The 7.5 gallon is stainless steel for only $50 so its a pretty well priced item.
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    7.5 Gallon Brew Kettle?

    I am just starting to do extract brewing and am going to buy a 7.5 gallon (30 qt.) kettle. Is this pot still big enough to do all grain brewing if I should decide to do it in the future? Thanks all! -Brewstrong
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    Mashing/Sparging Equipment Questions!

    Can someone tell me what I really need equipment wise to go to all grain brewing such as sparging/mashing equipment and other stuff I may not be thinking of. I know some of this stuff can be fabricated instead of bought so please let me know! I already have my primary/secondary fermenters as...
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    I Need Koggen!

    If anyone out there has a koggen recipe I would LOVE to see it. Thanks everyone! Brewstrong!
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    Need Equipment HELP--New to Brewing!

    I definitely agree with that, I just went out and bought a recommended book "the complete joy of home brewing" to make sure this is something I want to invest in. Thanks for the advice guys, I really appreciate it.
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    Need Equipment HELP--New to Brewing!

    Hey everyone I am just about to start buying some brew equipment and I need some advice: What is everyone's opinion on glass vs. plastic carboys? How many of them should I buy? I see a lot of the kits come with two but do I need another one if I want to do a secondary? How big of a brew...