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    first blow off tube

    Thanks for the assurance, GilSwil!!! Didn't think it would be too much trouble, but wanted to ask. Thanks again!!
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    first blow off tube

    I've done a couple batches needing to use a blow off tube, and unfortunately this same problem has happen to me before. How much damage does anyone feel if I have had a minor accident of the airlock popping off before the blow off tube was added? Today it probably was off for 30-60 min. Once...
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    Cheap & Easy 10 Gallon Rubbermaid MLT Conversion

    The one piece that has been discussed, on this thread and many others, is the debate on fly sparging. Consensus, IMO, is as long as you keep the water level one to two inches above the mash channeling shouldn't occur. Therefore, the SS braid is sufficient and silicone tubing to run your "fly...
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    Cheap & Easy 10 Gallon Rubbermaid MLT Conversion

    Well, I'd like to thank FlyGuy and everyone else who contributed to this thread. It was a nightmare finding 5/8 fender washers...(6 hardware stores), 2 returns for items that wouldn't work out, countless amount of headaches, and about a week of stress wasted of my life for the washers to be at...
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    I made an all-grain brewing video, take a look!

    Great video! I'm about to start my first AG brew (IPA from "Brewing Classic Styles), and now I've got the confidence that everything I've read and seen that I'm doing the right thing. Thanks again for the thorough video. Cheers!!! :mug:
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    Keg as a secondary...?

    If I use proper sanitation techniques, can I rack from a primary glass carboy to a corny keg for dry hopping? I'm trying to eliminate a step later when I'll rack from secondary to the keg. I was planning on keeping my hop bag in the o-ring seal, then pull out when I'm ready to carbonate. Has...
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    Pin Lock Socket Substitutes

    Does anyone have any ideas for a substitute if I don't own a pin lock socket? I don't want to order online and continue to wait for shipping. Also, does anyone have an idea for a Haier tower that has a serving line for a bigger tube when I'm using a 3/16" serving line? I have a welding shop...
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    CO2 pressure HELP!!! Noob here...

    I haven't measured it, but my guess is at least 3 feet. I wouldn't say it could be any more than 4 feet
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    CO2 pressure HELP!!! Noob here...

    My buddy and I recently bought the Haier kegerator, so we could have draft brew at the house. He's not a homebrewer (yet), but he's interested in the process. He recently bought a Lagunitas IPA 7.75 keg and has a 5 lb CO2 tank. Without purging any O2 prior to, he tapped the keg with 12 psi...
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    Wrong Yeast Starter Method

    MalFet, thanks a lot man. Just read another thread about RDWHHB. I'll be taking the flask out this PM and letting it warm up, decanting the beer off, and pitching the slurry left. Feeling more confident I won't need another vial, but its a good reason to get down to the LHBS anyway. Thanks...
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    Wrong Yeast Starter Method

    I think I'm going to buy another vial of liquid yeast to pitch in as well. My recipe calls for 237 bil in the yeast count, and I plan on only having 193. Is this a good idea, or am I overpitching which would cause a problem. With the starter been fermenting about 48 hours by the time I pitch...
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    Wrong Yeast Starter Method

    Is the sanitized cap a deal breaker? I just put the flask in with the foil covering the top.
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    Wrong Yeast Starter Method

    Well, what about this one? My starter appears to be doing fine, but I don't think I'm going to brew after all. Work got me home way later than expected, and I really don't want to stay up that late. Will the starter still be good if I wait another day? I've placed it in the fridge to help...
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    Wrong Yeast Starter Method

    I'm about to start my boil for a mini-mash witbier, and I thought I'd make a yeast starter. The problem being I think I did it all wrong. I sanitized a 2L flask then boiled 1800 mL of water and poured in .5 lbs of DME with some yeast nutrient. I didn't really "stir" the DME more than I just...
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    Old LME

    Bought mine from my LHBS in the Bay Area. Its been sitting sealed since 09
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    Old LME

    I have a 9 lb (sealed) bag of ultralight LME that I bought for a batch that I didn't use from about 2.5 years ago. Is there any reason I could still use it, or should I trash it? Just trying to utilize any ingredients that I have lying around. Have fun watching the Super Bowl!!!!
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    Too late to transfer to secondary?

    Remember you don't have to move to secondary. It will do just find when you bottle. Cheers!!!!
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    Yeast starters?

    I have just a quick question. I understand the benefits of yeast starters, and I'd like to try one for my next brew. But when do you really not need to do a starter? I pitched a Edinburgh White Labs yeast for 60 Schilling Scottish Ale and I'm seeing good krausen, but are my yeasties working...
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    My beer is staring at me

    Awwww. I remember those days too. But wait, I still suffer from the same problem. Welcome, brotha. I've been out of the game for about two years now, but I'm now back in. Brewing my next batch on Saturday, and I can't wait. You will find this hobby maybe the most rewarding of any you could...
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    scottish ale flavor?

    Let me know how your batch does? I'm about to brew the same as well this Saturday? I'm using 7 Bridges 90 Schilling Scottish Ale with White Labs Edinburgh yeast, and I'm eager to hear what other(s) have done with it. Cheers!!!!:mug: