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    My 1550 style Build

    The brewrig build is getting closer to complete with the only major part left being the control box. The actual rig is finished with a beerbelly return dish on its way and i think i will order another hop stopper tube only to use as the whirlpool, the original pickup doesnt work to push the wort...
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    Latest Brewery name idea

    I generally dont have a brewery name ideas tend to come up every now and then but i have not settled on one yet. I hope this has not been done before, sometimes ideas that i think are mine i have really seen someplace before. Anarchist Brewing Company. Cheers brewfire
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    My RIMS job

    davebl nice build mate, just a quick note that the march pump has not got a bracket to help support the weight. With it only hanging on by the thread it will eventually fatigue the head and snap the thread off. (replacement heads are expensive here in Aus). If my brewing equipment looked this...
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    Wyeast 1187 Ringwood ale

    I have just picked up a smack pak of Ringwood ale I really wont some suggestion of a great beer to showcase this yeast. So if anybody has any suggestions, (i was thinking Mild or Oatmeal stout 2 same recipe as last time and compare) post it here so i can get brewing. Brewfire
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    How often do you disassemble and clean your March pump?

    After every brew i run PBW through it and then rinse. After every 2nd, 3rd brew i pull it apart and usually find some build up either hop pellet bits or dry sticky malt. I think its worth while to clean it when you can.
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    Do you add water to the grain or grain to the water?

    Always added grain to water but since the great dow ball debacle of the last couple of mashes im now putting some water in to cover my false bottom and then helf the grain, stir, more water and the rest of the grain, stir Goddamn dow balls
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    Caramel 60 should be the same as crystal 60 Biscuit malt you could toast yourself try and find some info on the web or in Radical Brewing, Randy Mosher
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    How long will flaked oats last ?

    Store them in an airtight container Should last for around 12 months in a constant temp area. (lower the Better). Possibly freeze some. If their just flaked oats and not malted then they wont lose alot over time as long as you keep them well.
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    New Stir Plate

    was a electronic's box from J-car (electrical hobby store) This is the circuit drawn up by another forum user in Aus Cant seem to get the pic any bigger so i hope the diagram helps
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    New Stir Plate

    Well i finally built my stirplate Made the board myself and just solsered in the components that a member of another forum put together,Just need some magnets and a flask know.
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    Star-San vs. Iodophor - FIGHT!

    I use starsan and have used idophor before I prefer starsan and use it now because of the short contact, no-rinse, no stain and i actually find the foam beneficial in sanitizing. + i talked to a few guys in the industry at the last beer show and they recommended starsan.
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    One grain brew?

    My pilsner is only one malt one hop 5kg weyerman boh pils malt 60g Saaz hops 4% 60min 40g Saaz hops 4% 15min Boh lager Wyeast Nice easy drinking pils that gets good feedback
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    How Many Kegs Does It Take?

    Got 2 taps at the moment and 6 kegs, this manages ok as i usually have a keg spare ready for the next brew, But i only brew about once a month, if you drink more then you could brew more.
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    Should I begin all grain yet?

    Gear up slowly and use this time to do full boil, steep specialty grain brews read more books and get your first recipe together
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    How long to keep an old partial-mash kit?

    Should be good if it sat in the shop it probably wouldn't have been looked after so good. make a starter for your yeast smak da pak and if it expands and tastes alright in your starter its GOOD
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    brewery name idea

    One of my many brewery name ideas and another logo this ones a stencil i made and sprayed
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    Grain Mill, which one?

    I have a Monster mill and love it as most people do theirs I dont think you can really split them all so go with the one that meets the $$$ for quality.
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    Hefe flavors

    This is one of my fav brews a nice banana,clove flavoured HEFE You are meant to get these flavours so enjoy and if you dont like a hefe make a diff wheat beer next time and use a dry wheat yeast it wont give you these flavours
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    Braid OR Manifold?

    I use a false bottom and its the best thing fits perfect and drains well Vote 1 false bottom
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    What would you pair with Crabs?

    a nice apa with chilli crab goes a treat do it all the time with mud crab