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    American IPA Dogfish Head 60 Minute Clone (AG) & Extract

    I just racked this recipe (AG) to secondary. The OG was 1.057 and FG was 1.012. I used dry American ale yeast but made a starter and it took off and fermented like there was no tomorrow. I took a taste pre-dry hopping and it is already tasting great. Congrats to the original poster for the...
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    Worst Brew Day attempt ever....

    I had a disappoint brew day yesterday - nothing went wrong causing damage just a really low OG (1.024!!!). Thanks for sharing your tale, it made me laugh and appreciate how important it is to relax and not do everything so precise and be ready to adapt and be ready. I'm looking forward to...
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    Really low OG / All-grain

    I meant to say thanks too! I have read this forum to get tips but to have people coming back so quickly is great. The homebrewing community is so friendly and I can't wait to get better and be able to offer advice!
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    Really low OG / All-grain

    My first brew (this is my second brew - hence the comment about me being making too big a leap) was a pack brew (I didn't think I could go wrong) but my OG was low on that too so that makes me think that maybe my sampling was/is wrong. I love the idea of passing between pales to mix as well as...
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    Really low OG / All-grain

    Sorry, hop addition pt2 should read "35-10mins" not "53-10"
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    Really low OG / All-grain

    The recipe was: 11.5lbs pale 2-row 1.5lbs crystal 120 This was steeped for 60 mins at a temp range of 150-160F Wort was boiled then: 0.75oz warrior hops (60-35 mins) 0.50oz falconer's flight / 0.5oz simcoe (53-10mins) 6oz honey @ 15 mins Irish Moss @ 15 mins Cooled to 70F and added to...
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    Really low OG / All-grain

    I'm desperately seeking resolution to what went wrong with my first all-grain brew. Once I'd made added it to the fermenter and pre-yeast addition, I took an OG reading and it came out 1.024. It should have been up near 1.070 from the recipe. Some points to help get to the bottom of my...