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    Stinky First batch

    I'm a bit scared to put one out in the sun in case it blows up and kills me or my wife. The cats I am less concerned about, but seeing as we just bought the house I don't really want one of us to get killed by a crappy, farty beer. A nice single malt scotch, well that's another story.
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    Stinky First batch

    Thanks everyone for all the replies. I am thinking that I might have bottled it up a tad early and possibly not kept it cool enough. To be honest I didn't read the label on the yeast packet (I know, an elementary mistake, but one I won't be making again) but if it was a lager yeast then it...
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    Stinky First batch

    Hi All, I have jsut brewed my very first batch. A Morgan's Pilsener Kit. Everything was sterilised, the temperature was right, I left it in the fermenter for 14 days then bottled it. The hydrometer reading was 1.005, so I figured I was OK, and went ahead and bottled as per the...