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    My First Go at It.....

    Whoa, you brewed yesterday and want to keg on Saturday? If the beer was under 1.040 og you could be in good shape, but you really risk some of flavors if you don't let them clean up their mess. If it were me if wait a week or two after I had stable gravity readings and then bottle or keg. But...
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    First brew has little carbonation.

    I'm glad you are keeping at it! You don't need to rinse the steeping grains but you can. Just don't use water over 170f as you might extract some tannins. I usually just put them I'm a colander and let then drain into the pot. Gravity readings should be taken after the wort is cooled and after...
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    Lots of head

    Stores often just toss in 5oz of sugar which is usually too much. You should probably be using a calculator to figure out how much sugar to add. That way you can also use the amount that is appropriate for the style. I like to shoot for 2 volumes of co2 for British styles, 2.5 for American and...
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    Hop Rod Rye Clone / BIAB question

    I would do the light or golden DME also. You don't really know what is in there and if you are doing a mash it is nice to have full control over the malt flavor. I agree on dropping the rye to 20%. You will get plenty of that distinctive flavor. Good luck. Mashing is addicting, I started...
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    3 weeks or longer for bottling time?

    This is true for most yeasts. However, I just brewed a 7.6% saison with wyeast3711 and that baby chewed through the priming sugar and was carbed in a week. But that yeast is a monster attenuator. That said it needs more time to condition so even if high abv beers are carbed they need plenty if...
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    Lots of head

    How long have they been in the fridge before you open them? How much sugar did you prime with?
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    3 weeks or longer for bottling time?

    I can't believe you have waited this long. As it is a wheat beer, my guess is it is done and ready. Pop a few in the fridge and see how it is!
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    Are all Octoberfests Lagers?

    I've also been reading about wlp 060. Apparently it is a blend which contains some lager yeast, and gives a bit of that finish while fermenting at ale temps. Has anyone had experience with this yeast?
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    reusing yeast, which beer next?

    This is certainly possible, but having tasted a few pale ale banana bombs at the last homebrew event I went to, it wouldn't be my choice :)
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    Welcome! Secondary is not truly a "fermentation" unless you are adding more sugars. Fermentation should be complete in the primary vessel. Secondary vessels are used to help clear the beer, add fruit or dry hop or for long term storage/conditioning. A lot of folks on here only use a primary...
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    reusing yeast, which beer next?

    This doesn't seem like a very versatile yeast. You will get banana and clove which don't suit many styles. I'd only use it for wheat beers.
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    Looking for a recipe to a not so bitter English bitter

    Cheers to that! A well made bitter is good for any season.
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    What are you drinking now?

    My mildly chlorinated porter. Just subtle enough to be drinkable, just strong enough to drive me batty.
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    Triple hops brewed? That's too strong for me....

    Only if you can explain "frost brewed" Coors Light. I would love to get my hands on some yeast that fermented at 32F. Or do they boil at 32?
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    Wynkoop Brewing B3K clone - need help!

    I did a bit of research and if you can find wlp 860 Munich Helles Yeast, that might be the augustiner strain. If you use the brewing software like beersmith or you should be able to work out the recipe based on those percentages. I can't lager right now so I won't be spending the...
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    Looking for a recipe to a not so bitter English bitter

    How about an English Mild? It is the Bitter's non-bitter brother. I am getting ready to make Orfy's mild which is highly recommended. Here is the extract version: US 5 Gallon - Extract Recipe Specifications -------------------------- Batch Size: 5.00 gal Boil Size: 6.80 gal 4.89 lb Light...
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    Time to raise the white flag?

    80-85 is super high for some yeast strains. I can't imagine fermenting us-05 at those temps. My guess is that you would get a lot of fusel alcohol which seems to be what you are describing.
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    Strong (off?) flavor from US-05?

    Plastic/rubber is a common description of chlorophenols coming from chlorine in the water. If you are sure there is no chlorine then it is possibly from infection. How long have they been in bottle? Maybe they are just green? Tracking down off flavors is maddening but will eventually make you...
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    Triple hops brewed? That's too strong for me....

    If you've ever tried to brew a light american lager, you know that you have to be on your game. It is an exceptionally difficult style to make consistently well and free of off-flavors, and the fact that budweiser tastes the same in South Korea (where I lived for a year) as Denver is...
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    Smoke Malt and Chlorophenols

    I am going to use the campden, because as far as I know carbon filters and pre-boiling doesn't get rid of chloramine. I want to know if I am on the right track with pin-pointing the problem. Is it possible that the amount of chlorine in my water is small enough that I don't get off-flavor with...