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    Air Lock is not Bubbling

    Hi all, I just made my first batch on Saturday, and all went fairly well. The OG was right on, and everything else went as expected. Well this morning I checked the fermentor, and it is not bubbling. I thought at around 24 hours it was supposed to start bubbling. Does this mean that...
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    If This Doesn't Make You Angry...

    When has a guy that works hard, comes home, sparks a bowl with friends, watchs tv, and goes to sleep ever done any harm to society. Sure give him a citation, but bust down his door? It is rediculous that weed is illegal. Harder drugs are understandable because junkies will kill for a fix.
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    jobs in america

    Pathetic, Pathetic.
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    My New Haircut

    they have a jewish and a japanese version too. I would find the links, but I am lazy so find them yourself. They are not half as funny as the first one.
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    Ok to move to secondary?

    Yeah that is tough. If it is stuck then you have to decide to either repitch or transfer.
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    Extract Stout Question

    I did the same thing with the Malto Dextrin once. It turned out fine. NEVER BOIL THE GRAINS!!!! However, never dump the beer either. Let it ferment. It might be good.
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    Reading Materials... What does everyone suggest?

    I got Homebrewing for Dummies, and although he says some things that people on this site don't agree with, it is a good book to get you up and running.
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    No airlock with my starter kit

    Something smells fishy, and its not SWMBO. I say you drill a hole in the lid and get yourself an airlock. It seems (expecially if you have animals) that fur and other crap in the air will get in the fermenter.
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    Bad Batch

    It sounds good to me.
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    How to clean up a beer spill...

    That is one way. How come you weren't licking the ground?:fro:
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    I use to know a girl named Jennifer Mead. She was hot.
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    Homebrew gives poops

    Poop is funny. I don't care who you are.
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    beer we copyright them?

    For the price it cost to trademark, I am just going to hire a big meathead for half the price to go brutally beat anyone who uses my names. Seriously, it would be in your best interest not to use Floating Fish Brewery. Seriously.:tank:
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    Empty Sanke Keg Prices

    you can buy a full keg of Bud for $80 (I know from my college days). When you return it to the liquir store they give you $10 deposit. (I am in Michigan) I would say it is worth $10. Making the beer worth $70. The guy is trying to rip you off. For that price you can just go out and buy a...
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    Air in the Beer

    Air in the Beer. Turns out I am a poet and didn't even know it. (lets see if I can keep the song theme going) So when I rack from primary to secondare, towards the end it starts to suck up air, and blow bubbles in my beer, and from what I read and what I hear, Maybe this should give me...
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    How do you pour your beer?

    I poor it at about 90 degrees in a funnel and then bong the sh*t out of it. On a serious note, I tilt first and then poor. For me this is how I get the best head. :D PUN intended
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    Extract vs. AG question

    My beer kind of taste watered down from the kits too. Somebody told me that in the kits they don't tell you to steep the grains long enough, and that leads to the lack of flavor. I too live in an apartment and can't really do all grain, but next batch I am going to try some recipes from the...
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    watered down?

    actually after a second look, it is kind of light in color.
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    Still not Burbing...

    It is going to be fine.
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    watered down?

    P.S. The color is amazing, and the head is about an inch. It looks great, but taste flavorless.:confused: :confused: :confused: