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    Show us your Kegerator

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    Bailey's Brewing Keezer

    Well, I finally got going on the rest of the project. It's pretty much finished up with just a few minor things to deal with. I'll put together a detailed post on the construction later (probably after the holidays) but here are a couple of pictures:
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    homebrew give away or sell?

    My friends consume most of the beer I brew, and I never ask for money—I'm happy that they like it, and if I didn't want them to drink it I wouldn't offer it to them. That said, my friends have offered to buy a sack of malt a couple of times, and have refilled my propane a time or two. That's...
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    How many gallons of homebrew in 2009?

    25,748 + 6 gallons Belgian Dubbel 25,754
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    Red ale with Rye, feedback requested

    Never self-toasted malt before. Procedure?
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    Red ale with Rye, feedback requested

    I've got a bunch of rye malt kicking around, and I've had a request by some friends to brew an american amber/red ale. So I thought maybe I could combine them... Below is my draft recipe. I'm looking for a little feedback. I'm going easy on the hops both to allow any rye character to shine...
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    How many gallons of homebrew in 2009?

    +5.5 Foreign Extra Stout 26,383.5 + 5.5 = 26,389
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    Never Ever Again__more Beer

    Quote: Originally Posted by The Pol Well, if a business is losing business becuase it is not keeping pace, they are forced to improve. When they improve, others have to improve to stay alive. That is the free market, capitalism... it breeds better service and innovation. Thanks for saying...
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    Never Ever Again__more Beer

    I didn't say I support companies that I think are crappy. Why is this hard to understand? I said that there are numerous companies that I think are GOOD QUALITY COMPANIES and I support them all. If you don't want to, that's fine. But I disagree that it makes me stupid to do so.
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    Never Ever Again__more Beer

    Sorry. austinhomebrew.
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    Never Ever Again__more Beer

    Having more business actually STAY in business leads to better competition. If everyone goes out of business except one, where is the incentive for that business to offer good prices or service? There are many high-quality brew suppliers. Regardless of the bitching that goes on here. Forrest...
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    The Official Brew Of The Month Style Poll #1

    I voted brown since I've got a porter on tap right now (which is getting rave reviews, so I'd be happy to toss it in as an option). Never brewed a brown, though...
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    How much do you drink?

    Geez, am I the only person on here who doesn't get boatloads of cr*p from my wife about brewing? She doesn't like alot of the beers (read: hoppy) that I brew, but she does like a porter or stout or belgian. She doesn't drink that much, but she is extremely supportive of my brewing. She...
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    Never Ever Again__more Beer

    Well, they've never been out of what I was trying to order, they haven't treated me like SH**, and their prices on many things are competitive, in my experience. Trust me, I pay close attention to the total delivered price. In most cases I've found that for the sorts of items I generally am...
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    NanoBrewery build

    Is leasing kegs from a vendor such as Microstar ( an option? I don't know how many/few you anticipate nor what their minimum client size is etc etc, but most of the micros around here use a lease system.
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    Cheap ball lock Cornies

    Would be interested in price for 2 and 4 shipped to 04103. Many thanks!
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    Never Ever Again__more Beer

    +1 Three orders have been perfect. Maybe I should quit while I'm ahead... As for ordering from all the way across the country? Competitive prices, decent selection (contra what someone earlier said), and free shipping over 60 bucks. Usually takes me about 5 business days to receive. Sounds...
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    You're a Beginner & Your Beer isn't Optimal...Who cares?

    I've been brewing for years. All grain. And often things aren't "optimal" even still. User error, freak accident, aging thermometer... It's always something. Still brew very good beer 98% of the time. Carry on!
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    How much do you drink?

    During the week I'll pull tasters for drinking if I'm going to have anything. I'd say 2 or 3 days a week I'll have between 2 and 4 4oz tasters. On a normal weekend day (read: no party) I'll usually have 2-3 12ounce pours. I also normally have 1 or 2 cocktails or evening bourbons a week. If we...
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    Brewing log book

    Kai has a quite in depth paper log available on his website, here: I use BeerTools to track each brew session.