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    Northern Brewer Blog says you shouldn't Vorlauf.

    I brew on a HERMS and usually recirculate my mash for 30-40 mins (although I have recirculated for the full hour of the mash before). My fermentations are always healthy and my yeast attenuate fine. as far as off-flavors, i have entered a pale ale into a BJCP comp recently that had no...
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    Festbier Bee Cave Brewery Oktoberfest Ale

    about to flame out 5.5 gallons of bee cave oktoberfest ale.... hit an o.g. of 1.064. looks like a great beer, always wanted to brew an oktoberfest yet switching my fermentation fridge to lager temps would suck. I also pulled 4 pints of mash for a decoction to go from 154 to mashout...
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    Saflager S-23 Question

    I used this yeast in a lager, came out very clean. I fermented in the low 50s about 52. from what Ive heard this yeast can leave fruity flavors if fermented too high... yet I only have experience fermenting low with this particular strain. this beer got compliments from my LHBS for having...
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    Spraying grains before crushing

    ahh i see, thanks for your reply :drunk:
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    Spraying grains before crushing

    From the sierra nevada brewery website: "The brewing process starts in our hydrating malt mill, where we crack the malted barley grains. Spraying the grains with hot water before crushing softens them, yielding a more intact husk". Could this be applied to homebrewing? Would spraying your...
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    First solo & AG brew THIS WEEKEND

    same thing happened to me this week i was able to get some propane ten minutes later... I figured if it was still hot the hops where still being extracted and just continued the hop additions. From the taste of the wort the hop flavor and bitterness was still there. should be fine.
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    I tried a refractometer- not so hot

    I used a refractormeter for the first time on my second all-grain this week. It really helped me hit my desired gravity because I was able to take readings while the wort was boiling allowing me to see the gravity raise as the wort boiled down. Without it I would have had a hard time seeing...
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    IT'S SATURDAY: What ya brewin'?

    Yesterday I did my first all-grain, Edworts haus pale ale. went great, looks great sitting in the carboy this morning. Also had my uncle come over and brew a PM oatmeal chocolate stout. after that I bottled Apfelwein, and kegged my last extract beer a american lager for my dad. Both tasted great...
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    How many gallons of EdWort's Haus Pale Ale have been made?

    Did this as my first all-grain today! things couldn't have gone better for a first all-grain. came out very close to the desired OG. bubbling in the carboy right now. :mug: +5 gallons 1025
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    God damn I don't know why they don't have this stuff all over the shelves in the U.S. really good soda, everytime I go to scotland to visit family I load up a suitcase. they say it cures hangovers too.:drunk: Anybody try this stuff? would love to try to recreate it but dont know where...
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    Pomegranate Honey Cider

    Yeah I guess if any beverage ferments out dry it should be o.k. He does limit the amount of drinks he has and has a strict diet. when we brew beer we usually try to ferment it out dry and stick to smaller beers. what i'm trying to do is make a cider with that juice and leave some left over...
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    Pomegranate Honey Cider

    Hmmmm.... i would like to make something similar to drink with my uncle but he doesnt do to good with added sugars because he is at a high risk of going diabetic. he seems to be able to handle fruit juice fine, possibly because the sugars in fruit are easy to break down.(don't quote me on this I...
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    Results from juice, yeast and sugar experiments

    If you use an ale yeast in a cider is it recommended to ferment at the suggested temp range for the yeast? or can you ferment it higher temps because it is a cider?
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    Munich Helles Dead Guy Clone (Extract & AG- see note)

    brewed this recipe except i used dry amber malt extract in place of the pale LME and fermented it at about 65 with white labs euro ale yeast. I have only brewed about 15 beers and this is for sure the best. awesome recipe. :mug: