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  1. Garr-Ro

    terrible tragedy

    at least you still have half of the days work left to eventually drink on....pending no more plastic failures!
  2. Garr-Ro

    Bottom-Side-Up Labels

    Awesome! Love the backgrounds, aside from the main pics. Nice work.
  3. Garr-Ro

    This Brinkman smoker?

    I just spent 5 hours cleaning one of the electric versions last night to "re-gift" to my brother in law....I upgraded a couple of years ago to an offset Oklahoma Joes. My suggestion would be to inspect the smoker if possible before taking it home. I bought mine from Lowe's & took 3 back before...
  4. Garr-Ro

    I Don't Care About Brett Favre

    C'mon know he's only playin' to keep that Wrangler jeans endorsement!
  5. Garr-Ro

    Prank on a friend

    Just make sure YOU don't have a road trip scheduled with him the next morning after you serve him the chosen one.....if so, you'll be catchin' the foul end of this prank with the windows rolled down the whole way!
  6. Garr-Ro

    Controlling Fermentation Temperatures - Poll

    Swamp cooler method here...actually got 2 batches goin' using rubbermaid tub & ice bottles...gotta love that guest bathroom bath tub during the summer months in OK.
  7. Garr-Ro

    Sediment With Kegging

    Nope, shouldn't be. Depending on how long you ferment / condition, you might draw one or two cloudy pints on the initial first pulls. After that, the area around the pickup tube will clear / settle and you should be fine. If not, you can always cut a bit off the end of your pickup tube. Best of...
  8. Garr-Ro

    So I asked my son to help me think of a name

    Great work, those are super nice.....even though the ink carts might give up the ghost soon too! Can't wait to see the next ones.:mug:
  9. Garr-Ro

    okc bricktown brewery

    Did you make it to tapwerks? If so, what did you think? It's one of my favorite places to go while in bricktown.
  10. Garr-Ro

    Before I brewed my $$$ went to SnapOn & Matco, now......
  11. Garr-Ro

    Golfers: what would you do?

    As previously stated, finish the round. Then, play another 18. It would be too hard for me to leave the course after making the time to get there, pay, load cart, warm up, purchase beverages, drive all the way back over to #17 tee, play 2 holes, then leave. My golf outings are usually planned...
  12. Garr-Ro

    I can't decide my avatar!

    If I were a BEER, I would definitely say you were the dominatrix. But, being a member and reading your post which always involves helping others with compassion, patience, and expertise.....I see the loving grandma side shining through. Tough call, but I think we can all say that Walker stated...
  13. Garr-Ro

    Rate MY [email protected] home.

    Alrighty fellas & Ms. Yoop....let me know what you think....Multiple levels of drinkability....multiple levels of drinkers... Yes, hombrew was on tap..just not for the weak of heart....not a debate..just want some input. Ya dig!?
  14. Friday_Night_Mix_100730_


  15. Garr-Ro

    What kit should i buy???

    I'd go with the Williams kit & when more $$ is available you can grab a burner & carboy for under 70 bones. Best of luck!:mug:
  16. Garr-Ro

    Mash Paddle Giveaway

    Awseome work....many thanks!
  17. Garr-Ro

    Free NewCastle Schooner Glass

    Just an FYI on this fellas....if you mail the caps in it takes TWO stamps to send. Learned this the hard way, dumb mistake on my part.:o
  18. Garr-Ro

    Kicked my first keg

    +1 on that man, same thing goin' on here & with tailgating season quickly approaching I'm in trouble already! Best of luck. :mug:
  19. Garr-Ro

    I want in!

    Quote: Originally Posted by OHIOSTEVE and more and more....... and more and more........ .....and more and more and kegerator and more kegs and more and more carboys and more taps.......WELCOME & best of luck! :mug: IMO, I would buy the kit containing the most componets you can get for...
  20. SmokinOnSaturday