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  1. paulvp

    8th Annual Autumn Brew Review

    I will be if I can get tickets off Craigslist. They're completely sold out except for DD tickets.
  2. paulvp

    software for mobile devices

    Discussion of iPhone app: As far as BlackBerry device goes I'm a moderator on the BlackBerryForums - I have requested that software be developed there when the developers have some spare time. Basically it would be a scaled down...
  3. paulvp

    First time brewer with Celiac, trying to brew Gluten Free

    This is a very good write up of GF brewing.
  4. paulvp

    Help Pick My Corp Picnic Keg Beer!

    Olberon would be a good choice as pointed out before. Also maybe Sierra Nevada if that's available.
  5. paulvp

    blow off tube

    Leave it out of the foam. Just insert it enough so that it's tight inside the opening. **Insert obligatory "That's what she said"**
  6. paulvp

    4 Gallon Cactrus bottles from Walmart

    Just saw this on AOL's frontpage after reading this thread.
  7. paulvp

    How many gallons of EdWort's Apfelwein have been made?

    Started my second batch last night. 6807 + 5 = 6812 Come on guys and gals, lets hit that 7k mark.
  8. paulvp

    Drinking while Brewing

    I'll have a few beers while brewing, either homebrew or store bought.
  9. paulvp

    Late start

    I would leave them another week or so before checking. My Willamette didn't break ground for 3 weeks.
  10. paulvp

    Got 3 kegs

    I don't think the guy realized what they went for scrap wise or maybe he didn't care. Said they were taking up too much room in his garage and that I'd be doing him a favor. So I guess I helped him out a bit too.
  11. paulvp

    Free homebrewing catalogs thread

    Thanks for this list, it'll be nice to get some mail that isn't bills now...
  12. paulvp

    Where to score kegs for keggles?

    Craigslist is a decent place to look. I got 3 yesterday for $20 bucks just driving home though.
  13. paulvp

    Two Brothers' Tap House Opening!

    Very nice. Thanks for sharing!
  14. paulvp

    Best Homebrew Supply Websites

    Northern Brewer is a pretty decent place to order from, it's also my LHBS. Otherwise I know that Austin Homebrew Supply is another favorite around the forums here. Northern Brewer Austin Homebrew Supply
  15. paulvp

    Neighbors calling the cops

    Never had anyone call the cops however my neighbor is a cop and comes over from time to time to watch/help. Good guy.
  16. paulvp

    Latest trend - NO Secondary?

    I rack to secondary every batch, except I probably won't for the Apfelwein. Following Ed's directions on it to a 'T'.
  17. paulvp

    Got 3 kegs

    Thanks for the info guys, I will look into the welding shops around here. Thanks for the congrats too. I drove by a house on the way home from work and they were in his driveway holding up dry wall. I asked him what he wanted for them, just curious I guess, he said $20, I said deal and just...
  18. paulvp

    Got 3 kegs

    Just got 3 Sanke kegs for $20. Pretty excited as this is the start to my brew rig. Will be taking it slow to construct it as money is a bit tight, however wondering if anyone has had any luck trading homebrew for welding work on Craigslist or anything of that nature. Thanks.
  19. paulvp

    Brewery names--what's your story?

    Currently it's the name of the street I live on. Not too set at all on the name though. Wouldn't mind changing it.