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  1. stone1ipa

    Equipment needed for cold fermentation

    My current setup is BIAB five gallon batches and ferment in glass carboys. Like many others here, the summer months get warm and I am looking for a way to have temperature controlled equipment. I am all about convenience so Im looking to upgrade from the Plastic Ice bath methods many use here...
  2. stone1ipa

    Fermentation Time

    Kealia.......You're money and you don't even know it.....
  3. stone1ipa

    Fermentation Time

    Thanks.....straight to Keg.
  4. stone1ipa

    Made a Mistake; Looking for Advice

    I agree with others here. As long as you aren't entering a competition or worried about brewing a "True to Style" beer, I would simply segregate into four separate sections and have fun with different yeast, hops, or processes. White Labs does this in their tasting room. The same recipe with...
  5. stone1ipa

    Fermentation Time

    Appreciate your input Andrew. I use WLP001 on most my ales and have found it to be a fairly aggressive yeast. So I haven't found the need to move to secondary and agree that my fermentation usually finished well ahead of 14 days.
  6. stone1ipa

    Fermentation Time

    Thanks for the thoughtful replies Jack and 99. I should have added a few more details to ponder. First..This is a Blonde Ale. Second...I was away for a few days on vacation so I can't say how many days it had been resting after hitting final gravity. However, I did taste it and the flavor...
  7. stone1ipa

    Fermentation Time

    Fellow Brewers, Most of the recipes I see for Ale's have fermentation time between 21-30 days. My OG was 1.054 but in 8 days it had already reached my target finish of 1.010. Does anyone have thoughts on the benefits of leaving it in the fermenter for additional time or would you recommend...
  8. stone1ipa

    Show us your Kegerator

    You don't have rethink much. That's an impressive set up! You have a separate regulator on each keg? That rocks. What are the two contraptions on the upper left? Temp and ??
  9. stone1ipa

    Show us your Kegerator

    Eventually upgraded to Perlick faucets and Taprite Dual Regulator. Always have guest beer on the left and homebrew de jour on the left.
  10. stone1ipa

    Holding Mash Temperatures

    Greetings Fellow Brewers, I'll be doing my first BIAB all grain in a couple of weeks and after reviewing a lot of threads and videos it looks like most of you insulate (in a variety of methods) to keep your mash temps close to desired state. However I've seen a few folks simply measure the temp...
  11. stone1ipa

    Transition from Extract to All Grain- Equipment recommendations

    Oh I forgot to add I brew exclusively ales. I'm in a warm climate and don't have the necessary cold space to do lagers.
  12. stone1ipa

    Transition from Extract to All Grain- Equipment recommendations

    All great comments. Thanks guys. I guess I should have given a little more info up front. I currently brew five gallon batches for my dual tap kegorater. I always have a five gallon batch of extract home brew and leave the other tap for guest beers. I really don't have a desire to go more...
  13. stone1ipa

    Transition from Extract to All Grain- Equipment recommendations

    Hey guys.....I'm taking the leap from extract brewing to All Grain and I'm torn on what equipment to buy. I don't know whether to buy the traditional all grain kits or simply jump up to more sophisticated equipment such as Brewers Edge Mash kits or the Grainfather. Another option would be to...
  14. stone1ipa

    Ideal Fermentation Temp?

    I am on the west coast and in summer fermenting is happening at about 75 degrees here and I have never had a problem. If its any hotter than that I suggest a wet T-shirt or wet towel wrapped around the fermenter and place in a Rubbermaid bucket and rotate a couple of 1 litter frozen water...
  15. stone1ipa

    Boil Break in the Fermenter?

    John Palmer discusses the possibility of getting off flavors from some of the break leftover in the boil and suggests not transferring all of it into your fermenter. What is your experience? Do you transfer everything from your boil into your fermenter?