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  1. Doog_Si_Reeb

    Found Wild Hops, Now What? [pics]

    Let's keep the zombie thread going! Here's what I did with wild Neomexicanus hops I found growing in northern NM. Fresh hop camping brew, cooled in the river and US-05 pitched that afternoon.
  2. Doog_Si_Reeb

    Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Mugwort Anti-Imperial Stout

    When I made my gruit a few years ago, I ended up carbonating it higher than intended, probably 3.5 vol or so. It was really enjoyable with the high carbonation.
  3. Doog_Si_Reeb

    Albuquerque Brews?

    La Cumbre is phenomenal. Jeff is an excellent brewer and fun to chat with when you can catch him. Marble is always good. Marble Red Ale is one of my top five favorite beers and it's best when fresh from the tap at the brewery. Bosque is another great choice. Boxing Bear would round out my...
  4. Doog_Si_Reeb

    HomebrewSupply Recipe Giveaway

    Bohemian Pilsner - All Grain sounds pretty good to me!
  5. Doog_Si_Reeb

    Has anyone grown Neomexicana hops?

    Those are looking good. Thanks for the tip on the epsom salt. That may explain some of the issues my hops have been having.
  6. Doog_Si_Reeb

    Has anyone grown Neomexicana hops?

    Here's a cool article about the Neomexicanus hops.
  7. Doog_Si_Reeb

    Has anyone grown Neomexicana hops?

    Haha, my hand is not all that small. That leaf was huge! The cones I picked were a nice size too. And there were some seeds laying around after I dried the cones. :)
  8. Doog_Si_Reeb

    Has anyone grown Neomexicana hops?

    Went camping along the Rio de Los Pinos in northern NM and got a good haul of wild hops. I imagine these are Neomexicanus as well since they are just growing along the river and there is no indication of intentional hop plants in the area. To me the fresh cones have a mix of lemon and pine scent.
  9. Doog_Si_Reeb

    Has anyone grown Neomexicana hops?

    I ran up to Placitas to see how the wild ones were doing. They're doing a lot better than mine!
  10. Doog_Si_Reeb

    Has anyone grown Neomexicana hops?

    Mine are doing great too. I have the plucked-from-Placitas Neomexicanus in one pot and it is doing way better than my Cascade, Columbus, Centennial, and Mt. Hood plants. I guess it makes sense that the one from a few miles away is growing better than the ones from the Washington/Oregon...
  11. Doog_Si_Reeb

    Wheat IPA Category for Competition

    If you're ok with sacrificing two extra bottles, and there are no rules against it, I would submit the beer to both 14B and 23. For the specialty category, make sure to put a comment that it is a wheat IPA, which will give the judges an idea of what you were going for.
  12. Doog_Si_Reeb

    HOA and Home Brewing Question

    Like many, I have a love/hate relationship with my HOA. They tried to fine me last year for parking my camper in front of the house one night before a camping trip, yet a neighbor on the next street had a camper parked in front of his house for over a week (I'd assume he got a nasty-gram too...
  13. Doog_Si_Reeb

    Beers You Want to Like... But Don't

    Sierra Nevada torpedo IPA. I love IPAs. I love dank, fruity, citrusy, piney, etc. But there's something in torpedo that I just do not like. It may be one of the hops that is used or a byproduct of their combination but I just don't enjoy it. I've tried multiple times so I know it isn't a...
  14. Doog_Si_Reeb

    (Yeast + Yogurt) + Beer = No Drunk?!

    That's the way to do it! If I had a breathalyzer, here's how I would do it: Buy a six-pack of something ~6% ABV. For the control, I would document my breakfast/lunch/dinner and non-alcoholic drinks for the day. I would set an amount of time to drink each beer. Say, 30 minutes per beer...
  15. Doog_Si_Reeb

    Has anyone grown Neomexicana hops?

    That's cool that you were able to find some in the Sacramento's. Did you find them near a creek or some other year-round water source? I'm going to check the Jemez and see if I can find some growing there as well. I want to pick some wild cones this fall and would really like to collect...
  16. Doog_Si_Reeb

    Music while brewing

    I typically go for punk on Spotify when brewing in the garage. (Old) Misfits, Dead Kennedys, Social Distortion, NOFX, Lars Frederiksen, The Accidents, Kings of Nuthin, etc. If I'm brewing in the backyard I'll crank up the stereo in the house with some black metal (Watain, Dissection...