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  1. justins2582

    Another "adding pumpkin to mash" question...

    I also used 8 - 15 oz cans for a 10 gal batch. I spread across a few baking pans and baked until browning on edges and a lot of the moisture had evaporated. I did this the night before and just covered with foil and put back into the cooled oven overnight. I threw 6 cans of it into the mash and...
  2. justins2582

    I was thinking blueberry stout?

    Not sure of your questions as stated, but if you're looking to add fresh blueberries, I would freeze them first (to partially sanitize and to help break down the fruit's cell walls), thaw and add to the fruit to secondary. If you're kegging and you don't have enough blueberry character, you can...
  3. justins2582

    I was thinking blueberry stout?

    Adding fruit before primary fermentation will leave you with less than desirable results. The yeast will consume all of the fructose very quickly and the vigorous fermentation (as well as the boil if you add it at that point) will drive off almost all of the fruit aroma and flavor. Either add...
  4. justins2582

    Keg conditioning 4 gallons in a 5 gallon keg

    I took the tube from my bottling wand, disconnected the spring apparatus from the bottom so I have only the tube, wedge it into my picnic tap, drop the pressure really low and use that to bottle from the keg. I've won many medals from that procedure.
  5. justins2582

    Who is your brewing partner?

    I also prefer to brew alone. It's not that I don't like the company, it's just that I like the chance to put all my thought into brewing. I definitely prefer to enjoy the fruit of the harvest with my friends.
  6. justins2582

    30 min boil for hop bursted extract IPA?

    Does this method lead to a higher possibility of DMS in the final beer due to less boiling time? I've never boiled for less than 60 min so I have no experience.
  7. justins2582

    **Beewing in barrels***

    I doubt one bee wing in your barrel will hurt anything. :cross:
  8. justins2582

    9 weeks plus in primary

    I'd throw in a few more ounces of hops in both
  9. justins2582

    First Ipa with Pellets

    You're good. I never filter out the hops and have ended up with award winning beers. The hop trub and yeast sediment will compact and when you transfer, will all be left behind.
  10. justins2582

    My first hefe

    Looks a little dark to me. Extract brewer?
  11. justins2582


    Those few extra dollars will turn into large portions of disposable income if you catch the bug! But what's life without passion? :mug:
  12. justins2582

    Probably been done but...

    I completely, wholeheartedly agree! I wish they sold it in sixers. Hell, I'd buy cases for that matter. I even bought some spanish cedar online to try to replicate it, although I'm pretty sure, with 5/10 gallons on tap, I'd get fired from my job fairly quickly for showing up with a hangover...
  13. justins2582

    Pitched Yeast

    You obviously need to pitch a pack of Wyeast 1056. :mug:
  14. justins2582


    OP's comment made me shed a small tear. I know everyone has different tastes but there is no other style that I'd rather go to than a delicious IPA, except maybe a double IPA. Also, this isn't meant to offend but I've noticed that most women I've seen try them hate hoppyness (bitterness)...
  15. justins2582

    sewing tulle fabric into bags

    You walk to the kitchen and ask your SWMBO to do it. :eek: Sorry, nothing helpful to offer. The only thing I've ever stitched was by hand and I never tried again.
  16. justins2582

    is 60 quart too big for 5 gallon batches?

    A large number of brewers use keggles which are 15.5 gal or 62 quarts capacity for both 5 and 10 gal batches. You're good to go with the 60 qt pot.
  17. justins2582

    Cascade hops for $5 a pound

    I'll take 2 lbs. Hope this is legit.
  18. justins2582

    I Love Bud

    Stop feeding the trolls and they'll stop coming back for more. I hate when these threads get this long. quit b*tching and get to brewing. :)
  19. justins2582

    Ever wonder about those stick on thermometers?

    Can you test on a plastic bucket? I use buckets and have wondered the temp differential.
  20. justins2582

    Oxygenate by pouring back and forth?

    From "Yeast" by Chris White and Jamil Zainasheff: "For the average wort and yeast pitching rates, the proper amount of dissolved oxygen is 8 to 10 ppm...The wort splashing devices employed by many homebrewers will result in approximately 4 ppm, less than half the required amount." - 30 sec...