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  1. HungusBrews

    Brewers Hardware, All Stainless, Single Tier, BCS-462, Automated Rig

    I'm really happy I found this thread today! This is completely changing the direction I am heading for my setup. Thanks guys!
  2. HungusBrews

    Brewers Hardware, All Stainless, Single Tier, BCS-462, Automated Rig

    Very impressive Jon! Thank you for sharing so many details. I am currently in the process of building a BCS 462 all electric rig but with your plumbing methods in play. What drove the choice to utilize 12V AND 120V valves? Do you have any power issues with the 12v valves on that power...
  3. HungusBrews


    This is the only place I have been able to find it for sale online, but it turns out is is a pre-sale. They indicate it will be available "sometime this summer. I'm hoping I can ask my LHBS to bring it in for me.
  4. HungusBrews

    Wiring a Dual Ball Float Switch

    Right now I have 4 processes for fermentation loaded onto my BCS. One for ales, one for lagers, and for two different freezers with heaters inside. My lager processes have a few more states than ale which is why I had kept them separate. You have definitely sparked my interest as to how the heck...
  5. HungusBrews

    Wiring a Dual Ball Float Switch

    Makes total sense. Any suggestions on running the actions I described within one state though? I already have half of my processes taken up with Ferm control. I realize I can save and upload new processes as needed but it would be nice to avoid that.
  6. HungusBrews

    Wiring a Dual Ball Float Switch

    Thanks for all the advice everyone! AJ, you made some excellent points about incorporating an additional on/off feature and moving to a lower voltage does make a lot of sense from a safety standpoint. With these suggestions in mind, I think controlling the hi/low switch with the BCS sounds...
  7. HungusBrews

    Wiring a Dual Ball Float Switch

    Thanks BD! Really appreciate it. Ordering all my parts now and will post back once I have it all wired up. Cheers!
  8. HungusBrews

    Wiring a Dual Ball Float Switch

    Thanks BrunDog! The hardware option is more along the lines of what I was thinking. Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed description. Wiring it for BCS control is tempting but I think having it work in the background with hardware is more bomb proof. I thought I would need...
  9. HungusBrews

    Wiring a Dual Ball Float Switch

    I am looking for advice on how I would wire up this dual ball float switch to control a march pump. I currently use a BCS to control SSR's for my ferm chambers and fire a burner on my HLT so I have a pretty good understanding of basic SSR wiring. What I can't seem to wrap my head around is...
  10. HungusBrews

    "Daisy Chained" Kegs?

    FWIW this really does work really well and is my go to for events when I am pouring a lot of beer. I have connected 6 kegs inline successfully. One downside though can be beer clarity. You want to try and remove as much sediment as you possibly can from the bottom of each keg before hooking up...
  11. HungusBrews

    Labeling your Kegs - keg porn anyone?

    I like to use a zip tie on the rubber handle and then a long piece of duct tape folded over onto it. Gives a nice "flag" that stays above the keg for easy identification.
  12. HungusBrews

    Concord SS 100 qt stock pots

    The only time I noticed the leaking at the rivets was when I was calibrating my sight glass. I have not had the wort that high since. If I ever need to I will probably try some silicone or solder.
  13. HungusBrews

    Concord SS 100 qt stock pots

    I can measure tonight when I get home as I have the 100 qt pot. I am very pleased with it except that you cannot fill past the bottom rivets of the handles. They leak through for me. That is at about the 21 gallon mark though so it is a non issue.
  14. HungusBrews

    What BJCP style to categorize my chocolate milk stout?

    S/H/V all the way if the beer has a noticeable (non grain derived) chocolate and vanilla flavor. Those "special ingredients" should be easily picked up in the beer or the judges could knock it a bit. If those ingredients are background you can get away with entering it as a Sweet Stout and not...
  15. HungusBrews

    Simple water profile... your thoughts?

    I agree, Plug these numbers into the Bru'n Water spreadsheet. Once you start playing around with that you will see what types of beers would be good to brew with your water. Your alkalinity is not too high so that will allow you to hit the correct mash pH for most styles.
  16. HungusBrews

    Specific Gravity Corrections

    I think I have this cheap one from ebay I would recommend finding one that is a little more beefy. This one seems to need a calibration every time I brew. Its a very simply process but just one more step to worry about.
  17. HungusBrews

    Stainless Hop Spider and Cold Break

    Not sure if this will actually help anyone but I observed an interesting phenomenon on my last brew session that I wanted to share. I was brewing a big IPA and using hop extract for bittering. Since it was not needed, I kept my stainless hop spider out of the wort until a few min left in the...
  18. HungusBrews

    Specific Gravity Corrections

    It is fairly simple. You just put a few drops of wort on the lens and hold it up to the light to take a reading. You will want to find one that has a scale for SG so you don't have to convert from Plato or Brix. The drops cool instantly which allows for a more accurate reading.