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  1. xamers

    Cheaper beer

    I think most of us get into the hobby to produce beers we can't buy. Considering even the cheapest equipment necessary (been there, done that), it would be cheaper to go out and buy some Natty Light or something.
  2. xamers

    What are some classic German ales?

    He's looking only for ales.
  3. xamers

    Making a kayak for my wife

    Nice work. I built a 9' jon boat several years ago using the stitch n glue technique. Remember to get some UV protection on that baby! The epoxy will degrade in the sun over time.
  4. xamers

    Post Your Best Drunk pics of you

  5. xamers

    Southwest Airlines Rocks!

    As a parent of 2 small children I say.............GOOD WORK SW. It's a privilege to fly airlines not a right. Sure you pay to do it, but once you endanger others, you should be removed and tickets refunded. I think SW did what should have been done and nothing more/nothing less. I...
  6. xamers

    $50 Keggle

    $50 is a bit steep. I recently got 3 of them: $20/$15/free. Tough to argue at $50 really.
  7. xamers

    Best Homebrew Supply Websites

    How exactly do "organic" grains/extracts/hops differ from normal?
  8. xamers

    Water Report Questions - mg/LCaCO3

    Just buy some Florida spring water. That should be Pilsen-like soft, unless they treat it with minerals for taste.
  9. xamers

    Consistent low OG, tried "everything"

    What water are you using?
  10. xamers

    Beer from Germany

    IMO, I'd go for any "Oktoberfestbier" or "Oktoberfest/Marzen". Either designation will mean you're getting the full 6-month-aged classic.
  11. xamers

    Lager smack pack temperature

    Smack at room temp, IMO.
  12. xamers

    Cleaning and Sanatizing Cornies

    A wrench is all that's needed.
  13. xamers

    Vodka in the airlock for beer?

    Starsan for me. Simply because I have some sitting around in a small bucket everytime I brew.
  14. xamers

    Cleaning and Sanatizing Cornies

    About the same here. Every 5 batches or so I'll disassemble. Otherwise I use some PBW for a couple hours and rinse. I have StarSan in one keg at all times. When the keg filled with starsan is used, I pour the starsan into the newly rinsed keg. I simply don't worry about Starsan sitting in a...
  15. xamers

    fermentation cabinet or all-grain equip?

    I'd vote to make a son-of-a-ferm chiller and go AG. That will allow you to ferment ales at correct temps. The two together (if you go with a cooler and turkey fryer) should cost under $100 if you find what you needs at Lowes.
  16. xamers

    Smooth Southern Brown Ale

    2008 Southern Brown Ale A ProMash Brewing Session Report BJCP Style and Style Guidelines ------------------------------- 11-B English Brown Ale, Southern Brown Min OG: 1.035 Max OG: 1.042 Min IBU: 12 Max IBU: 20 Min Clr: 19 Max Clr: 35 Color in SRM, Lovibond Recipe...
  17. xamers

    Promash information transfer

    OK, for whatever reason, it's working now. I have no idea why it wasn't. Thanks for the help.
  18. xamers

    Promash information transfer

    Here's what I'm doing. I click on the print button. I get the options and choose copy to clipboard. Then I can't get into it. I try to export as a text file. Same thing. I think I'm doing something wrong that is easily fixable, but I can't figure it out. I'm not even drinking...
  19. xamers

    Promash information transfer

    I think Vista is killing me. I don't have a notepad option that I can find. I've been trying everything I can think of to get the info into a document/notepad but can't do it.
  20. xamers

    Promash information transfer

    Looking for a little help. I'd like to copy ingredients, mash info, etc from a Promash recipe I have, so I can cut and paste the information in a recipe thread.....but can't figure out how get Promash to let me copy the info. Surely someone knows how to get this to happen..... thanks in...