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  1. Evan

    two tier converted keg question

    i've been using a cooler set up for 3 or 4 years now. I need a new cooler, and i'd like to build a stand. i know i could go out, buy a new cooler and be done with it, but i also like buiding things that go along with this hobby. i haven't built anything for homebrewing in a few years, so its...
  2. Evan

    two tier converted keg question

    been thinking about updating my brewing system. found this link for a two-tier'ed system and thought it seemed simple enough. do any of you have any experience with this set up? im not looking to automate my process with a RIMS/HERMS like system. things...
  3. Evan

    Copper vs cpvc

    i use cpvc and had the same problem of it coming apart. i drilled/tapped the parts. it takes a little extra time but i like being able to break it down each time. I normally break it down, clean, let it dry and put it together so on brew day its ready to go.
  4. Evan

    Sam Calagione's "Extreme Brewing" recipes?

    i just did a google seach for the indian brown ale and it linked to this site, haha....anyway check the link below is it legal if you dont buy the book?!?! will Sam care...probably not. BUT having said that, i love...
  5. Evan

    Yakima Valley Pilgrimage

    that's awesome he gave you a pound of Centennial! sounds like a fun trip. i use both whole and pellet, mostly pellet. i like the fact they soak up less wort and take up less room in the freezer. but with that said, i do use leaf for dry hopping most of the time.
  6. Evan

    New Sierra Nevada Seasonal

    yeah i really liked their ESB, damn
  7. Evan

    SG readings

    yeah i always mix it well. i think i figured out the problem this morning while laying in bed. this is my big IPA, and the last time i brewed it i noted i needed to increase the batch size because the hops soaked up a lot of wort. i didn't acount for the amounted soaked up, so basically i...
  8. Evan

    SG readings

    i know...its bugging the crap out of me. guess i just have to brew again huh, haha. just weird, i've been brewing for 4 years. oh well, always learning i guess. need to be more on top of my numbers i guess
  9. Evan

    SG readings

    So i've been brewing for a few years and the last two batches have really thrown me for a loop. i take my SG reading pre-boil and then before pitching the yeast. i always correct for the temp of the wort. well today while brewing my IPA my preboil SG was 1.061 and it was to be 1.062 so i felt...
  10. Evan

    Big Brew Weekend - FRIDAY the 13th!

    that is alot of brewing! i'm brewing up a stout on Sunday morning it looks like.
  11. Evan

    Wood and beer 1/2 oz per 5 gallons?

    i just did this for the first time, i took 3oz of medium toast french oak, let them soak in Makers Mark for about a week. i drained the Makers, dumped that into the carboy and put the beer on top. i only let it sit about a week, and when i kegged it a few days ago you could taste both the...
  12. Evan

    Heading to Vienna next week

    I've been to some cool bars there, but none that brewed their own beer that i can remember. its been about 5 years and at the time i was into craft beer and import but i wasn't brewing so i dont think i would have noticed if they brewed any. i loved the city though, we did go outside of town...
  13. Evan

    Sierra Nevada & Dogfish Head Beer Didn't see this anywhere else, just happened to be on SN's website and saw the link. they brewed a beer together, I'll try it if i can find it around here next month.
  14. Evan

    Cash Crop

    i just ordred a pound of Cascade and Magnum from them. i normally dont bother breaking them out but just leave it in one big bag and just use the food saver after i open it. BUT that said, there are times i wish i had them out in 2oz bags or something. i think you have a good idea by...
  15. Evan

    LHBS Pet Peeves

    I go to My Old Kentucky Homebrew, its right next to work and they are open till 7 during the week. I like the place, grain and yeast prices are good, hops might be a little higher but not much. i mostly buy my hops in bulk anyway, so that doesnt matter so much. if i had a complaint, it'd...
  16. Evan

    Hops storage and breaking pounds into ounces

    i just put them in a large vaccum bag, and use what i need. they dont have time to thaw out
  17. Evan

    New Dog, question

    My girlfriend and I have been wanting a dog for sometime and we finally got one a few weeks ago from a local shelter here. She is a Beagle mix of some kind. Really awesome dog, full grown they think only about 1.5 years old. i've had dogs before growing up, but this dog does not like playing...
  18. Evan

    At what point did your homebrew go from good to great?

    for me, and i think others have mentioned it as well, temperature control and proper pitching of yeast. Full boils are another. as far as you're beer tasting as good as someone else...i think most new brewers fall into two types. One thinks their beer is awesome and the best ever and the...
  19. Evan

    Jamil's Dubbel Keg Lagering Q

    does seem odd to carb then lager...but i've never done a lager. seems fine the way you are planning though.
  20. Evan

    Ipa #42

    nope, scored 38 and 40 on it. its #42 because it feels like the 42 try at an IPA i've done before i finally had one i liked.