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  1. HellBentBrewCo

    Can you Brew It recipe for Jolly Pumpkin Bam Biere

    I brewed this today. I did a 10 gallon batch, 5 gallons with just Jolly Pumpkin dregs and 5 gallons using Saison yeast. How long should I let the JP age? I'm planning on kegging it and then bottling out of the keg.
  2. HellBentBrewCo

    Maine Beer Co. Peeper Ale clone?

    Came out well but is like it to be a little more bitter. I think dry hopping in the kegs caused it to be a little too hazy. Going to try doing it in The fermentor next time
  3. HellBentBrewCo

    Brew Pubs near Augusta

    Some friends and I will be going to the Masters in a few weeks. Are there any Brew Pubs or breweries worth going to in the area? My googling hasn't shown me much
  4. HellBentBrewCo

    Redesigned Blichmann Engineering AutoSparge

    I recycle through my herms coil at full speed. Not sure if it will be a choke point or not but I'd rather have the tubing all the same size for simplicity
  5. HellBentBrewCo

    Redesigned Blichmann Engineering AutoSparge

    I recently bought this and was dissapointed that it doesn't come with 1/2" ID silicone tubing as this is what most brewers use. The float doesn't allow it. I'm purchasing my own float so this doesn't become a choke point on my system.
  6. HellBentBrewCo

    Maine Beer Co. Peeper Ale clone?

    I brewed this yesterday and got 90% efficiency. OG of 1.056. I'm doing 5 gallons with wlp001 and 5 with 1056 to see which i like better. The 1056 took off much quicker. I think I'm going to dry hop in the keg using 5 gallon hop bags. Should I expect any negatives from doing this?
  7. HellBentBrewCo


    I've read everything you've suggested. Using the "yellow fizzy beer" profile on bru'n water I'm going to go with the below in order to get a mash ph in the neighborhood of 5.3 . One question is, will I be able to taste 8ml of lactic acid added to my mash? I'm assuming I'll need to add 3-4 to...
  8. HellBentBrewCo


    Nice, as I said I'm just learning how to use water correctly in the brewing process. I've read a ton but still have a lot to learn. My first beer now that I know my profile will be a kolsch, nothing like starting off with something "easy". Any suggestions for a final water profile? This is...
  9. HellBentBrewCo


    Thats kind of what I was thinking based on everything I read and how my beers taste. I make good beer but I felt it always could be better. Now, who's got a recomendation on an RO system? I 'm thinking something with a 20 gallon storage tank? I brew 10 gallon batches, do 90 minute boils and...
  10. HellBentBrewCo


    So I'm just starting to learn about water and it's impact to brewing. From what I've read I think i have hard water. This is my report. What are your thoughts? Using the Ezwater spreadsheet which number should I enter as the Alkalinity or Bicarbonate number? PH 7.4...
  11. HellBentBrewCo

    Mini Fridge capabilities

    How large of a space will a mini fridge effectively cool? I'm thinking about building a ferm. chamber that will hold two 15.5 gallon sanke kegs that I will ferment in. This will be in my garage so it will see temps around 95 degrees as well as colder temps in the winter. Will a normal mini...
  12. HellBentBrewCo

    Water Reports?

    Has anyone sent their water into Ward Labs for testing in the Wilmington area? I just sent mine in but am curious what other people are seeing.
  13. HellBentBrewCo

    EZ Water Calculator 3.0

    Does anyone have this for google docs? I've only been able to find the first version so far.
  14. HellBentBrewCo

    Counterpressure bottler

    I just built this to hold my new counterpressure filler. The filler is mounted on a hinge so the bottle can be loaded and unloaded. All that's left is to add the beer and gas lines.
  15. HellBentBrewCo

    Home brewery websites / blogs

    mine is in my signature
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