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  1. Catfish

    Belgian Golden Strong Ale

    It should be fine. What yeast did you use? Some of the Belgian yeasts (wlp500 or the Wyeast Abbey) are VERY slow to start up, even with proper pitching. Do not worry too much if you don't see obvious signs of fermentation for a couple days. Trust in your sanitation.
  2. Catfish

    Why Not Bottle Condition With Stored Wort?

    Just use the table sugar or corn sugar. You can use wort if that seems like fun, but with the large amount of liquid you end up adding to the bottles in order to get the proper carbonation you will probably change the flavor of your beer. You would also need to worry about coagulated proteins...
  3. Catfish

    Strange mash schedule, would it work?

    Either reduce the pils malt and replace with LME. Or build a bigger mash tun. With that high gravity a beer you will get crappy efficiency anyhow, (50-60%) you will want the LME on hand regardless.
  4. Catfish

    Some SS finds at the scrapyard

    Damn. Shipping them would kill me. I wish I had a scrap.
  5. Catfish

    Demon Centipedes

    Flying roaches, and these motherf'ers, stinging and grow to 8 inches.
  6. Catfish

    Never Ending Word Thread

  7. Catfish

    Brew rigs: hard plumbed lines vs flexible tubing

    Go with silicon until the rest of the brew stand is set up and you are happy with the lay out and function. As a future upgrade you can plumb hard lines where you need them.
  8. Catfish

    Going Pro - Help in TN

    If you haven't worked in a brewery before, I would suggest a program along the lines of the American Brewers Guild's. The Siebel program is more aim at those already in the field. Also I would suggest offering yourself as a cheap/ free laborer to any and all local breweries. Definitely go...
  9. Catfish

    Bored Day... Candi Syrup

    You could probably find the contents of the nutrient packs on the Wyeast site. I used Fermaid K (contains DAP) and it worked. Anything that is a significant source of Nitrogen (and food safe) should work.
  10. Catfish

    High School metal shop project

    It's not the D&D club. Those metal shop kids know all about beer... you are only exposing them to the idea that they could make their own beer.
  11. Catfish

    Considering Intentional Hop Abuse

    Mine are currently growing at an angle (10˚ to 45˚). The first 6 feet or so seem happiest going vertical, but once they hit the branching, side-arm part of growth they do fine. My Cascades seem to do the best with horizontal/ angled growth, the Sterling keep trying to grow up.
  12. Catfish

    20 lb of sugar and a jar of yeast nutrient

    This is a great thread. Thanks for all the time and sugar you put into this. Has anyone tried double cooking (like sugar #5) the 260˚F or 270˚F sugar? Might be great for those lighter colored Belgians. Also I was wondering how this would go for less refined sugar, especially turbinado.
  13. Catfish

    Never Ending Word Thread

  14. Catfish

    Stainless steel welder in MD

    Try this site: WeldingWeb™ - Welding forum for pros and enthusiasts - Powered by vBulletin
  15. Catfish

    Picking up my keg fridge should I pimp it out???

    I've dated a Mormon or two... just sayin
  16. Catfish

    Picking up my keg fridge should I pimp it out???

    If you like Belgian beers, definitely get lots of beer hose. The higher carbonation requires longer tubing when pouring. You could also drape a couple of female exchange students on it... that's Pimp.
  17. Catfish

    Picking up my keg fridge should I pimp it out???

    You want Pimp? Purple velvet and leopard print. Make sure you get enough beer line and clean it often.
  18. Catfish

    Do you see what I see...

    No, the pictures don't seem to be working. Sounds good, though. My basement looks like 18 inches of crawl space over musty dirt. I'm jealous. Edit- The pictures do work. Now I'm really jealous.
  19. Catfish

    Growing Irish Moss

    I want to harvest my own isinglass.... nice cleavage.
  20. Catfish

    Primary Time

    Brew it. 4-5 weeks will be okay, just be sure to pitch healthy yeast and have good sanitation... but you should do both of those things regardless. check out the Mr.malty pitching rate calculator to be sure you don't over pitch, adding too much yeast will increase the chances of bad yeast...