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  1. ZooBeebru

    Which is a better deal? Corona mill or Cereal Killer?

    Actually, it will. It was never meant to be motorized and the bearing will eventually round out. well pretty sure there is no bearing so the metal will fatigue. The plates on that will also wear, it's a friction component. You will also get a better extraction for a roller mill. But as long as...
  2. ZooBeebru

    I'm dying ...

    oi vey
  3. ZooBeebru

    For Sale Beeriodic Table Long Sleeve T

    Selling some T-shirts I've collected for a few years, time to clean out the closet! All shirts brand new, never worn 100% cotton, Gildan Ultra Cotton Beeriodic Table Long Sleeve T Black Sizes 2XL and Large $20 Will ship to USA only, add $5.00 for shipping Payments will be accepted using...
  4. ZooBeebru

    Cool new home brew journal

    LMAo, yes back to NOtes, you are right, easier to just put a pencil to the paper, which I do. I always say ill transcribe to my SW but, SQUIRREL!!. So yes, that is a sweet journal ! Thanks for the tip. And the banter ;-)
  5. ZooBeebru

    Spike Flex+ for $300- minor blemish?

    I think they just slightly blemished, not pretty welds or dings from what I have seen. I can't even tell on the one kettle I got what was off. s
  6. ZooBeebru

    Spike Flex+ for $300- minor blemish?

    All sold out now :-(
  7. ZooBeebru

    Cool new home brew journal

    Ding ding ding!!!!! lol Centurion " Are there any women here??":group: Frenchman eh? *really wants to quoth more monty python at you* Used the be a french thing, now everywhere you go in Japan, it just is, even street terlets. LOL ok just drag another virgin old-growth forest over yer a$$...
  8. ZooBeebru

    Cool new home brew journal

    lol, good point. Now about the toilet paper??? :ban:
  9. ZooBeebru

    Cool new home brew journal

    Wait, ppl are still using paper for brew notes? and TP? back to the future for me. ;-)
  10. ZooBeebru

    Non-Alcoholic Beer Poll

    I remember I read some few years ago that someone was breeding a yeast that did not make the alcohol or it was so low as to be non alcoholic? If I could do a regular grain bill and have it 1-2 % I would give it a try. Try anything once. As others have said, I like the euphoric, as well as the...
  11. ZooBeebru

    UP TO 50% ITC-106, ITC-1000, ITC-2000 Inkbird Make A Batch Of Product For Fans

    surprised not more postss in here. Ill give the ITC-310T-B a go. looks like a nice upgrade
  12. ZooBeebru

    Pennsylvania HomeBrew Equipment Forsale

    crocs, LOL Nice system btw. s
  13. ZooBeebru

    Pennsylvania HomeBrew Equipment Forsale

    I would like to purchase the hop rocket, could you ship to 14086 ?. USP is fine. Thanks Z0o
  14. ZooBeebru

    Tibicos aka Water Kefir

    Nice post and picture but missing the how too recipe?Thanks Zo0
  15. ZooBeebru

    Kefir Beer?

    There are two very different strains of kefir grains, milk kefir and water kefir. They are not interchangeable. I have been brewing water kefir for some time as as substitute for pop and have wondered about brewing with malt, what with the renewed interest in gose, lambics and sours , kefir it...
  16. ZooBeebru

    Andre's Original Secret Rootbeer (from scratch) - No Kegging or Yeast Required

    Thank You for getting back however long it took, I appreciate the time spent as do 99% of the other ppl here. Please do not be put off by one clumsy post. Thank You for the reply, I sincerely hope you decide to share the other recipe, it will be our loss but I understand. Zoo
  17. ZooBeebru

    Andre's Original Secret Rootbeer (from scratch) - No Kegging or Yeast Required

    I have recently rediscovered Birch Beer and up here in WNY Johnnie Ryan's makes a fabulous Black Birch soda.So I figured it cant be that hard to brew at home. Reading your terrific instructions and the disclosure of the secret ingredient made me understand why acacia is listed as an ingredient...
  18. ZooBeebru

    Tennessee Blichmann Top Tier (two burner)

    How far are you from Buffalo? Roads are clear now, maybe I need a road trip. Been looking at that lovely bit of kit. Sorry to hear about you injury but have you considered a pully to hoist up your gear? I have used that in the past to help me pull up the HLT cooler before i had a pump. Zoo:mug:
  19. ZooBeebru

    Armadillo hops from Yakima valley

    Just to be clear here, did you mean Amarillo hops? z