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  1. Mexibilly

    Gravity too low

    Once post-boil temp comes down to <80, I rack to a 6.5 gallon bucket and pour back & forth between that and another sanitized bucket 3 or 4 times to aerate. If you have multiple buckets you could get your volume right then pour back & forth, aerating and mixing any top off water thoroughly for...
  2. Mexibilly

    For Sale 2 Tap Keezer, Etc

    Also included is a Last Straw bottle filler, two bottle trees, and probably 60 bottles. And there's 3 CO2 tanks, 2 partially full.
  3. Mexibilly

    For Sale 2 Tap Keezer, Etc

    2 tap keezer on casters, STC 1000 controller, ball lock, two 5lb co2 tanks, 3 or 4 kegs, and whatever other keezer/keg stuff is in the garage. I'm not splitting it up. $350 obo
  4. Mexibilly

    Not hitting final gravity when using blow off tubes

    Given your description, and what I imagine is very minimal headspace, I think you probably identified the problem Maybe try a 1.5 gal fermentation vessel, at least for primary?
  5. Mexibilly

    Best way to start brewing

    I started out brewing extract, with a kit similar to this: Northern Brewer has the same thing. I've never brewed on the stove top, but I can't imagine it'd be easy with 5 gallons. I did some research, bought a kit...
  6. Mexibilly

    Last Straw bottle filler - need help!

    Dude, after 10 bottles of frustration with SWMBO's cherry cream ale, I tried the bottle wand/picnic tap. It worked absolutely perfect! That said, I've bottled many, many batches with my last straw, but this wasn't working. Bottle wand and picnic tap is F'n perfect. Thank you Maylar
  7. Mexibilly

    Beginner in need of some tips/direction

    Find a good blonde ale recipe maybe. I make one for the restaurant where my wife is a chef, for the kitchen to drink. Hit me up if you want it, comes out to about 6% at 70% efficiency
  8. Mexibilly

    First Brew Day

    This has never failed me for carb levels: Boil in a cup or 2 of water, dump in bottling bucket, rack beer on top, give it a stir with sanitized spoon/paddle, bottle. Sanitize everything
  9. Mexibilly

    First Brew Day

    Only thing I might ask is what water are you using? I use RO from kroger, adding gypsum and calcium chloride for my IPAs per Bru'n Water, Martin Brungard's water chemistry Excel workbook, for mostly everything but stouts. Martin's on here. Message him for details on his spreadsheet. I...
  10. Mexibilly

    Forgot the Wheat

    Left the pound of flaked wheat out of my RIS yesterday. Didn't know until after pitching 600 billion 1098. It's currently slowly filling a trash bag with overflow from the blow off jug. Anybody ever do a 1 pound mash and quick boil, then add the wort?
  11. Mexibilly

    Grapefruit IPA

    90% 2 row, 10% C40 Simcoe to bitter columbus at 15 simcoe, nugget, at 5 columbus at FO, WP simcoe and columbus dry hop
  12. Mexibilly

    Age and daily beer consumption.....

    I've gone from 5 - 8 a night, up to a 12 pack on Saturday and Sunday, to 2 - 4 on weekdays, skipping a few days a week and maybe 6 on weekend days. Goal starting tomorrow is no beer Monday thru Thursday, and 4 or 5 on weekend days. Might be tough with 3 kegs though...
  13. Mexibilly

    FT: Jester King, Yellow Rose ISO: Treehouse, Trillium

    I'm down. 3F etc for trade. What are you looking for?
  14. Mexibilly

    My Keezer

    That picture you admire was done by a HBT member. I don't remember his HBT handle, but do have his direct email.
  15. Mexibilly

    My Keezer

    I chose 8 or 10 pics of the whole process. Only one went through. Oh well, many of you are familiar with the step by step.
  16. Mexibilly

    My Keezer

    My wife and I were on the back deck when my neighbor pulled this beat up freezer up his driveway. I asked what he was doing with. He said, "I dunno." I told him I'd buy it for $40 if it worked. He plugged it in, I cut my grass, it was nice and cold. My first keezer, chalkboard paint on...
  17. Mexibilly

    First Brew Day Sat.- What am I missing?

    Better start early...
  18. Mexibilly

    RIS Not Carbing

    Brewed a RIS back in February. Had mash temp/efficiency issues, but not too bad. It bulk aged about 5 months. Added about 1/3 or 1/2 pack of bottle conditioning yeast to bottling bucket after racking enough beer to cool priming solution. Mixed gently and thoroughly. Bottled as normal...
  19. Mexibilly

    Autumn Seasonal Beer Imperial Pumpkin Pie Ale

    Brewed this for my wife 3 or 4 weeks ago. F'd up and added 10 gallon's worth of vanilla and spice when I bottled. I bet she'll still love it. Thanks for the recipe
  20. Mexibilly

    Gravity Inexpiclabile

    Oops. I upped my volumes to allow for wet hop water absorption. Did hit my volumes, but with 3/4 gallon extra water. I'll try to remember next year