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  1. G_Brew

    Slow leak in Beer side Ball lock Connector

    THANK YOU!!!!!! all my connections were leaking couldn't figure out why, stuck a flat screw driver in the top slots they were all loose... never knew you could tighten those!! thanks!!
  2. G_Brew

    Strong Bitter Captain Hooked on Bitters (Red Hook Clone & Award Winner)

    Brewing up a batch of this tonight... I know i'm going to get reamed out for this, but i substituted the willamette for cascades..... it's all i had in stock! every other ingredient i had in stock and wanted to brew tonight..... hopefully it turns out ok... they're about the same % AA...
  3. G_Brew

    my brewery build (as cheap a possible)

    hey! I love the slide out grain mill!!! wish I would have thought of that when I built mine! well I guess I can always rebuild.... lol
  4. G_Brew

    Questions - eBIAB with single keggle

    lol the ring is actually the top of a plastic brewing pail, I bought 2 very large gear/hose clamps and put them together around the ring, that's what holds the bag to the ring.. this way the pulley can remain attached to the bag while I sparge as the bag is always wide open at the top (this is...
  5. G_Brew

    Questions - eBIAB with single keggle

    check this one out - my home brewery has changed a whole lot since this picture, but I still use this exact bench and pulley for my 10 gallon eBIAB batches.. it's 2 old pulleys I already had, a 20$ boat winch, and 2 hinges I had kicking around for that arm that swings...
  6. ebiab 10 Gal

    ebiab 10 Gal

    ebiab 10 Gal
  7. G_Brew

    Any way to save my beer ?

    I have had luck adding water afterwards - boil it for minimum 10 minutes to sterilize and evaporate chlorines etc... let cool to room temperature, and dump it right into primary... someone on here built a calculator to calculate how much water to add based on a desired FG... you'd have to...
  8. G_Brew

    Bottling from keg for long-term storage

    IMO - there isn't really any way to do this really well without one of those beer guns... I use a hose with plastic picnic tap.. I heat the end of a 1 foot piece of hose and manage to stretch it over the tip of the picnic tap, then I lower the pressure to almost nothing in the keg, 1 or 2...
  9. G_Brew


    In case you were referring to using them for secondary... it's best to have little to no headspace... not recommended to have 1 gallon of air on top of your beer while aging... That being said - I have done it a few times and have had no issues.
  10. G_Brew


    I have 14 Gallon glass vessels... I brew 10 gallon batches in them... . but when I started I was brewing 5 gallon batches in them... so almost 60% of the vessel was airspace, and I still never had oxygen issues.. the beer produces so much CO2 that at the least, it creates a protective...
  11. G_Brew

    electric element question

    In the event that an element would leak current into the liquid, the whole kettle itself would also be live.. and your bound to touch it eventually causing the same issue as using the metal spoon... so if you ask me, the idea is to ensure that the kettle and liquid doesn't get charged in the...
  12. G_Brew

    American IPA Dogfish Head 60 Minute Clone (AG) & Extract

    brewed a 10 gal batch of this, and just finished drinking my last keg... this brew was great, i'm planing on brewing it again very soon.. I used pellet hops for the dry hopping also. the only critisism i could give is that i don't remember dogfish 60 being THIS grapefruity... the amarillo...
  13. G_Brew

    Fruit Beer Lemon-Lime Hefe Weizen

    I also used WLP300... it's the closest yeast i could source.... i brewed it cold so that the bana flavor would be subdued.. so, i just kegged it tonight.... once done, i had a pitcher left with no container to bottle it in... guess what i did, DRANK THE WHOLE THING FLAT! it was great...
  14. G_Brew

    Cream Ale Cream of Three Crops (Cream Ale)

    you know what, i couldn't agree more, i'm the same way.... BUT, i will say that i prefer a 2-3 month lagered pilsner over something like this, however i am very proud of this beer.... and i definately agree that these light beers are actually alot harder to pull off than heavier beers...
  15. G_Brew

    Cream Ale Cream of Three Crops (Cream Ale)

    my first batch of this had an off flavor which I ended up diagnosing to be burnt matter left on my elements from scorching on the previous batch... dumped it... BUT!, i could tell that this was a good beer, so i brewed it again... I just kegged my second batch of this 11 days from...
  16. G_Brew

    Fruit Beer Lemon-Lime Hefe Weizen

    I brewed up 15 Gallons of this today... unfortunately i was unable to find WLP380... closest thing i could find was WLP300 which i understands gives off alot more banana flavor... has anyone brewed this with WLP300? hopefully it will be good..
  17. G_Brew

    American Pale Ale Bee Cave Brewery Haus Pale Ale

    this is what mine looks like after a week of cold crashing and some gelatin.. a GREAT tasting beer... this was my third batch of this, for some reason Edwort's looks a bit darker than mine in his original picture...
  18. EdwortsHausPale3rdattempt


    turned out great
  19. EdwortsHausPale3rdattempt


    turned out great
  20. G_Brew

    My diy chiller

    that kinda sounds pretty nice lol.. here we swim in mid summer but it's cold... and of course in winter people drive their cars and trucks on the ice... anyway - sorry for getting off topic... but that is some nice numbers with that IChiller.. i built a CFC from day 1, but sometimes i...