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  1. noiz2


    I can see getting sucked into the cheap 120V systems (I did) but at the price of the grainfather you could get a system from High Gravity (and others) that is based on an actual brew kettle instead of a repurposed tea water heater. Something I noticed when fixing / rewiring my RoboBrew is that...
  2. noiz2

    FIY PID controller for boil coil

    ***** should have read to the end some of this was already corrected******* OK Old thread but I wanted to correct some bad info that keeps getting repeated here. The formula for Wattage is V x A. So 120V x 20A = 2400W. Most home outlets are wired for 15A resulting in 1800W, which you see as a...
  3. noiz2

    You know you're a home brewer when?

    Those are all of your brewing books? Kind of slacking off there ;~)
  4. noiz2


    Well for the iPhone really hard, android not hard at all. For everybody but iPhone they could post a link to the old APK. Apple I am sure would make them go through the whole approval process again and you can't "sideload" onto an iPhone.
  5. noiz2

    Soldering Stainless steel

    OK that makes sense. I don't have the stainless heads and haven't had any loosening issues... yet.
  6. noiz2

    Soldering Stainless steel

    If you were unthreading to clean why would you solder it together? Now you can't clean the threads. They didn't go away they are still on the inside collecting as much junk as they used to. For me I don't disassemble the pump. I flush it with PBW then water and fill it with starsan. I made...
  7. noiz2

    Welding food equipment

    It's a hot topic now though. The only real exposure is when grinding the electrode, and there are so many other electrodes to choose from. There seems to be a limited old school bunch of folks who are in love with them but they don't in tests seem to have any advantages over the alternatives...
  8. noiz2

    Welding food equipment

    OK but Thorium has a half life of 14.05 billion years ;~)
  9. noiz2

    Welding food equipment

    Two points of correction. Contaminating your Tungsten is bad not because tungsten gets in the SS but because gunk on the tungsten will make for a very sloppy overheated weld. And tungsten is NOT radioactive. You can get thoriated rods that are very slightly radioactive but it's the thorium in...
  10. noiz2

    Clarity-Ferm, Gluten Testing, and Gluten Sensitivity

    People have tested GR and found greatly reduced to undetectable levels. BUT as brews2gf points out that may not be the whole story. I have not tried brewing a zero gluten beer because I haven't had to, yet, but the reports I have heard is that while generally a bit more expensive of...
  11. noiz2

    Would anyone buy the Robobrew over the Brewer's Edge Mash & Boil?

    OK so a couple of points. Your final conclusion is really unfounded as you say above you haven't used the system yet. So since it hasn't been used it of course has not had "nearly the amount of issues", as in no uses = no issues. The rest I mostly agree with. The pumps in these things are...
  12. noiz2

    Kegland Digiboil

    For what it's worth this looks exactly like my Robobrew with simpler software. So I personally have not liked the "malt pipe" process so far, but for extract etc it's fine and you can use it just about anywhere. It is slow to heat but you don't have to hang out and watch it and it will stop at...
  13. noiz2

    DIY Beer Line Cleaner

    That is actually what I do. I built a keg cleaner with a pond pump and a PVC arm that sticks up in the keg. I put a 1/2" PVC to 1/2" MPT adapter on so I could put different "heads" on the arm. One of the heads is a pipe cam with a liquid pinlock post and I just hook it up with some silicone...
  14. noiz2

    Show Us Your Label

  15. noiz2

    Would anyone buy the Robobrew over the Brewer's Edge Mash & Boil?

    You do, or at least can, get a rolling boil. You are not going to get a crazy fierce rolling boil but I don't really want one anyway. And you can get a boil over. Probably less likely with RB since it has a larger capacity. You don't get the boil over from a fierce boil but when the boil is...
  16. noiz2

    Would anyone buy the Robobrew over the Brewer's Edge Mash & Boil?

    Jeez three from the same area in a row! If either of you wants to try out the RB drop me a line.
  17. noiz2

    Would anyone buy the Robobrew over the Brewer's Edge Mash & Boil?

    Well... Iv'e done a few brews so far in the RoboBrew no pump V3. First off I have brewed a long time with my main system and that is probably a disadvantage because the workflow is not the same. So far I haven't gotten the same efficiency from the RB as I get from the main system but not a...
  18. noiz2

    converting ball lock to pin lock

    Old topic but I was looking to do the same thing. So far what I have found is that the biggest difference is that the post that the connector screws down onto is shorter with ball locks. So assuming your threads match the pin lock post will bottom out on the keg and not on the top of the keg...
  19. noiz2

    Would anyone buy the Robobrew over the Brewer's Edge Mash & Boil?

    Very nice! Sorry I missed that deal. It should work well in "kitchen" brewing. In theory you can have a boil over but? It gets to such a gentle boil it is certainly not as likely. One "catch" is that you need to lift the malt pipe and that might be tricky if it's on a counter. THough a...
  20. noiz2

    Biotransformation Hop Schedule?

    not to cloud the issue with actual research but this page would be of interest to the OP. The short answer is that results vary depending on the compounds. For some the longer they are in the fermentor the lower they go but for a couple the biotransformation takes some time so certain...