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  1. shaky6

    Indiana 1 BBL Turn Key Brewery with Fermenter $8,000

    MT link no good. Does it have a clean-out hatch?
  2. shaky6

    Diacetyl in pilsner

    Are you sure it's a diacetyl thing and not DMS from the pilsner?
  3. shaky6

    Inkbird Calibration Failure

    My Inkbird ITC-1000 had a massive temp calibration shat-the-bed and froze my beer. It was reading 45*F with the probe in a block of ice. I know you can set calibration on this but I've never seen it go out 10-20 degrees before. While I'm waiting to thaw I'm wondering if the probe is no good.
  4. shaky6

    Arbor Fab Spider Rusted

    I did contact arbor fab. I got basically the same reply as this thread: do this and do that, hey it's normal! I guess bum junk is the new normal.
  5. shaky6

    Arbor Fab Spider Rusted

    Like I said, I haven't treated it any different than my Amazon Chinesium stainless spider and it looks fine.
  6. shaky6

    DIY Coil Chiller - In the Wort or In the Cooler?

    Whirlpool really well before opening the valve, and when you open the valve blow through the hose to clear out stuff that will clog. No problems from there.
  7. shaky6

    Arbor Fab Spider Rusted

    I cant believe I have to do all this b.s. to a made in USA "stainless" piece of gear
  8. shaky6

    Heating element for fermentation chamber

    Odd that would happen since the atmosphere in a ferm chamber is mostly CO2 after fermentation begins.
  9. shaky6

    Heating element for fermentation chamber

    $8 mini space heater from Walmart plugged into the heat side of an inkbird controller that runs my chest freezer-turned-fermentation chamber. Works like a champ.
  10. shaky6

    Glycol chilling FastFerment?

    Basically make a glycol refrigerator to put the fast ferment in. Build a box lined with glycol lines and a small circulation fan in it. Then add your temp controller and wa lah.
  11. shaky6

    DIY Coil Chiller - In the Wort or In the Cooler?

    I used an immersion chiller and then built a counterflow chiller. I'll never go back, this counterflow unit is the shiznit. 5 gallon batch at boiling to pitchable temp in the carboy in 10 minutes. I use one of those little 12v "solar" pumps to move it through at a low rate.
  12. shaky6

    Deep clean of heavily used plate chiller

    Go to Walmart and get some TSP. Mix it up with hot water and recirculate. It's a caustic. Rinse well and then sterilize @400*, nothing will be alive in it. Filter your wort coming out and dont worry about it.
  13. shaky6

    Arbor Fab Spider Rusted

    I took my Arbor Fab hop spider out of the cabinet the other day and to my horror, it was covered in rusty powder. I washed it off and it doesn't even look like stainless steel. Arbor Fab told me its fine and I just need to passivate it. I've only used this thing once. I've never had to...
  14. shaky6

    Bottled water or filter?

    Why would you want to filter out everything completely down to RO water? You remove all character that lends into your beer. Take out the harmful stuff, minimize the difficult stuff, analyze the rest, and aim for a target. In this age of renaissance brewing and historical efforts it seems...
  15. shaky6

    Grain Mills..... Best one, Why?

    I used a hand crank grist mill for years until I bought a Cereal Killer mill and put my drill on it. Awesome investment and my efficiency went up considerably.
  16. shaky6

    Bottled water or filter?

    Huh? So $34 for 2 months of filtered water from your tap, and $3 a month after that isn't worth what people either pay Culligan to deliver in 40lb jugs or you have to drive to pick up in containers? After 2 years it averages to $4.17 a month for all the filtered water you want right out of...
  17. shaky6

    Bottled water or filter?

    Water is easy and it's not. Building RO water is relatively easy but also easy to end up with mineral water. Conditioning tap water just right is difficult. Calculating residual alkalinity and hitting a target is hard. Residual alkalinity is the difference between decent and great beer.
  18. shaky6

    Bottled water or filter?

    You can put a relatively inexpensive filter housing under your kitchen sink that uses generic size 10" filter cartridges. $3-20 depending on the cartridge. Maybe $20 for the filter housing. A few $s for 2 fittings and an extra faucet supply hose. Then you can put in a combination 1-5 micron...