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    Omega OYL-405 Helio Gazer

    Sorry, wrong stuff
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    Workspace suggestions?

    I use a portable hydraulic lift table that adjusts from 9" up to 28."It has increased in price by a $100 from when I purchased it though.
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    Issues with Tilt Hydrometer and Tilt 2 app

    Try restarting the device that the Tilt app is installed on.
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    Find Great Beer Spots

    I reached out here when my wife and I went to San Diego. The HB community was extremely helpful.
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    keg fermenting and reusing yeast, pitching fresh wort into a "dirty" keg

    I am currently fermenting a batch in a 5 gallon keg that I plan to spund and serve from the same keg. I will take note and respond if I do another batch pitching directly upon the yeast cake.
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    keg fermenting and reusing yeast, pitching fresh wort into a "dirty" keg

    Fill a clean bucket with starsan. Drain the fermenting keg until you see the line getting cloudy and just starting to make the empty sound. Dump the starsan out into another bucket. Swirl the keg and pour into the empty sanitized bucket. Best method is start pour and quickly invert. Pour yeast...
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    keg fermenting and reusing yeast, pitching fresh wort into a "dirty" keg

    I ferment 10 gallon batches in 15.5 gallon torpedo kegs (with floating dip tubes) and harvest the yeast. I brew usually within a few days and always take the slurry out and let it warm up a bit before pitching. I also chill down to as close as I can get to fermentation temperature. I always have...
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    Setting grain mill gap with credit card

    +1 on feeler gauges, set it to where the rollers begin grabbing Do not over tighten the eye bolts because it closes the gap. Snug them up and then tighten the locking nuts.
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    Is my first BIAB, a long-awaited ESB clone, ruined?

    +1 on fermented too warm. Fusel alcohol can give you a nasty headache the following day so don't over indulge with this beer.
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    Grey foam and metallic taste in RoboBrew

    Are you able to inspect the element? You will see scorching and black deposits if burned. I've had 2 dumpers in 3 years and they both involved wheat when the percentage was more than 50%. I constantly whirlpool while recirculating. This happened WITHOUT dry firing the element. If it is burned...
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    Technique for harvesting yeast from bucket fermenter

    The wide mouth mason jars with the plastic lids work great. Give your fermenter a good swirl and carefully pour into the jars. I harvest a gallon of slurry off a 10 gallon batch and usually brew within a week.
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    S-33: Why would anyone use this yeast?

    I brewed an ESB yesterday and pitched Lallemand's London English Ale yeast. I payed $1.50 / pack because the expiration date was this month. Supposedly this yeast is from the same strain as your S-33. I am glad I did some research before brewing and discovered that it does not eat maltotriose...
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    Taps inside the fridge ?

    Before purchasing a kegerator, I used these adapters that connected the taps to the disconnects.
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    Mandarina bavaria hop / orange Kolsch question...

    Use both in a ratio of 2 to 1 (sweet to bitter)
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    RO system recommendations?
  16. 9Kegs

    Corned Beef?

    I have made the Katz's Deli corned beef recipe multiple times and it's a winner. If you cook it any other method than boiling in water you must desalinate in water for a day.
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    Flow trouble

    The key is to get all the air out from the kettle to the pump
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    Flow trouble

    You must first bleed the line from your kettle to your pump. Gravity is your friend so get the pump positioned lower than the kettle. Make sure the pump valve is closed and temporarily disconnect the hose going to the CFC at the CFC. Hold the open end of the hose up to where it is above the...
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    Help w brewers friend

    Log into your Brewers Friend account and under COMMUNITY, click on FORUM and scroll down to Brewer's Friend Technical Support. Post your issue and someone should be able to help you.