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  1. stevemwazup

    Barleywine ??

    Denny, I'll be sure to give you a couple bottles on Monday night at the C.B.S. club meeting, and get your advise ( Good or Bad) This is the recipe I'll be using. If you guys want to give me a second pair of eyes, let me know what you think. stevemwazup. 22.5 lbs. Pale Malt U.K. 1...
  2. stevemwazup

    Barleywine ??

    Do you guys think 8 months of aging a Barleywine is a good length of time before I start drinking it? I know waiting longer is better, I just don't know if 8 months is long enough.
  3. stevemwazup

    Cold crash? Procedure?

    I've heard to cold crash around 33 to 34f, even at 32f your beer would'nt freeze because of the alcohol that's in the beer, I'm not sure that I would go much colder than that. I've also heard to leave it at this tempature for at least a week or 2, to help clarify the beer.
  4. stevemwazup

    My First All Grain Batch

    Thanks guys for your post, So Bobby M, I took your suggestions and posted the update, one more question for you, can I add (all my) adjustments to the mash and not the boil, (I did watch all your video's "Porter Video included" you mentioned a couple boxes unchecked) but can you uncheck all...
  5. stevemwazup

    A question with EZ Water adjustment calculator

    I have another question with the EZ Water Adjustment calculator. When I enter the different mineral amounts there is a check box bellow for each mineral. When checked, it gives a seperate amount to add to the boil. My question is, if I uncheck the box, an just put the minerals in the mash...
  6. stevemwazup

    My First All Grain Batch

    I'm making an All Grain IPA and using EZWater Adjustment program to help me with the water adjustments. I'm hoping to run this by you guys if you are already familiar with using this program. Thanks for you help. stevemwazup Starting Water (ppm): Ca: 3.5 Mg: 0 Na: 5.4...