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  1. Whiskey Sowers

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    brewing a california common on sunday...
  2. Whiskey Sowers

    blow off question

    What diameter tubing do I need to fit directly over a 5 gallon glass carboy for blow off,...and what do you suggest I put it into, water or sanitizer? Thanks.
  3. Whiskey Sowers

    Hidden man cave

    Unbelievably cool.
  4. Whiskey Sowers

    Beer Bloopers...

    What are some of the drunken brewing screw-ups?....Our last one was drinking rum and beer and forgetting to add hops....yes, forgetting to add hops. Then, pushing the carboy stopper down into the carboy of wort....then, after making (I know, our state we thought this would work...) a...
  5. Whiskey Sowers

    So...has anyone had the cops called on them for brewing?

    I live in east Tennessee and everyone here makes meth, so when me and my buddy are out in the workshop brewing, people think we are just normal hillbillies getting our meth thing cops yet
  6. Whiskey Sowers

    Custom Bar Build

    Super nice.....Great job so far.
  7. Whiskey Sowers

    Mr. Beer Fail!

    Didn't we all start with a "Mr. Beer?" plants the seed though. Amazing how a $39.99 fail can end up costing you thousands in the long run....
  8. Whiskey Sowers

    New Label for a first time brewer

    remember to use milk to stick them with......nice work!!!
  9. Whiskey Sowers

    bad yeast question...

    it's bubbling like twice a second!!!! patience is not my virtue,....thanks guys.
  10. Whiskey Sowers

    bad yeast question...

    i made edwort's apfelwein and used WL's english cider yeast. Followed all the instructions and finished at 2 pm yesterday, now it's 8 am and nothing! is my yeast dead? what do I do now to fix it?
  11. Whiskey Sowers

    yeast question

    sweet,....that's what i figured....thanks guys.
  12. Whiskey Sowers

    what should i use (to clean out old cornies)?

    thanks guys...oxyclean it is
  13. Whiskey Sowers

    I was druck enough to drink a bud light!

    enlighten me....what exactly does BMC stand for?
  14. Whiskey Sowers

    Hello from Texas are about to be hooked!
  15. Whiskey Sowers

    yeast question

    how do you think edwort's recipe would be if i pitch with white lab's cider yeast? Think it will be ok?
  16. Whiskey Sowers

    answer this for me....

  17. Whiskey Sowers

    what should i use (to clean out old cornies)?

    what should i use to clean out 2 corney kegs that have been sitting in my hot garage for a year probably with coke syrup in the bottom of them. I am afraid to open them up and
  18. Whiskey Sowers

    MMORPG's - Anyone?

    Lord of the rings online!!!!!the best hands down. You can get drunk, brew, grow tobacco, and smoke it!!!!!You can make weapons, armor, oh yeah, and get drunk! lol