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  1. bluespook

    All Grain Equipment

    Hey, Folks, I think I've got a deal. If it falls through, I'll repost. Thanks to all of you. Blue
  2. bluespook

    All Grain Equipment

    I think new that they are about $150 or so. Thanks for the note. Blue
  3. bluespook

    All Grain Equipment

    Hey, folks, I have some all grain equipment that I picked up in a deal at a time when I thought I might get into it. I find I'm happy with the "lesser" processes and with wine making, so I'd like to get rid of the grain equipment. I have: 2 SS kegs with tops cut out, valves and one has a temp...
  4. bluespook

    Calling 911...I've got a pitching

    problem that is driving me nuts! Admittedly, I'm no expert, but I have brewed some good beers; however, all of a sudden I'm brewing crap. I guess I was sailing along fat and happy, and I guess lazy, not paying much attention, then all of a sudden I've brewed two batches of stuff that only I...
  5. bluespook

    Garlic Wine

    I've racked the original a couple of times now, and it seems to be tasting as the devil, but improving. It's been in the carboy about 5 months now and is clearing, but not clear. I'm planning on letting it set for a couple more months, then I may try some gelatin before bottling.
  6. bluespook

    Aging Apfelwein

    Thanks, folks, for the input. Think I'll keep it in bulk for 2 or 3 months, then bottle.
  7. bluespook

    Jalepeno wine

    I made a 3 gallon batch of habaner & aji wine in Sept & plan to bottle in Aug, the use in Sept...12 months aging. Made it for cooking, but will surely try a glass. Got a taste a couple months ago when I racked it...HOT!!! I have high hopes for this one.
  8. bluespook

    Aging Apfelwein

    Hey, folks--I've got 5 gallons of apfelwein in a carboy that's been fermenting for almost exactly 6 months. I'm planning on holding it a year before tasting, but I'm curious about the timing of bottling. Is it ok to bottle now, or should I age it for 12 months in the carboy, then bottle...
  9. bluespook

    I would like to filter some of my wines,

    particularly the larger volume batches of whites, but would like some help with the pros and cons of the various available filtering systems. Let's say I can pull together $200-$300...what systems would/do you recommend? I don't yet have a kegging/CO2 setup.
  10. bluespook

    Garlic Wine

    Here's a picture of the chili wine as of today...October 18th. Sorry about the quality of the shot, but it's my phone camera. Not clear at all, but a nice yellow-green coloring. 
  11. bluespook

    Ever Make a "Second Wine"??

    I racked the first wine after a week into a 3 gallon carboy...ended up with a little over 2-1/2 gallons. I didn't put in enough water to make up for the full mass of the bag of chilis and raisins. I then made the second must of a bit over one gallons, thinking that I'd be better off to add it...
  12. bluespook

    What Size Corks Do You Use

    Thanks everyone...just the info I needed.
  13. bluespook

    What Size Corks Do You Use

    when bottling wines? I see different lengths and widths in the catalogs, but what's the story on how you choose? I will be using mostly 750ml bottles, but some larger and some smaller also. Additionally, what do you recommend regarding a corker? Assuming I can pull together $75 or so...
  14. bluespook

    Ever Make a "Second Wine"??

    Yeah, right...suppose I'd drop in 4 or so pounds of sugar. Thanks. On second thought, think they could eat the bag and make something drinkable??
  15. bluespook

    Ever Make a "Second Wine"??

    Sure, Pogo--here it is: 3 Gallon Aji & Jalapeno Wine: Ingredients 2 pints chilis--one each of Aji and Jalapeno 3 lbs golden raisins 6 lbs granulated sugar (normal household) 4 tsp acid blend 3 tsp pectic enzyme 1 tsp tannin 3 crushed campden tablets Montrachet (in a...
  16. bluespook

    Possibly stupid question - How do you pronounce melomel?

    I make it a practice NEVER to say words out loud that have more than 4 (sometimes 5, but never more than one syllable) letters...that way, I only give the impression that I'm a fool when I talk.
  17. bluespook

    Ever Make a "Second Wine"??

    I just today started fermenting a 3 gallon must of aji and jalapeno wine. The chilis and some chopped raisins are in a nylon bag. I've seen second wines mentioned, but have seen very little specific information on how to make "second" wines--I'd like to use the bagged stuff to make a 2 gallon...
  18. bluespook

    Disappointing ABV

    I pitched a Nut Brown Ale a week ago with a White Labs liquid yeast (British Ale 005). My target OG was 1.054, but I was short with 1.044. Didn't know what to do at that point...cooled and in primary. Anyway, I figured the ABV would be a bit lower, but no big deal. I didn't make a...
  19. bluespook

    Keg/Fermentation Setup

    I've made 4 extract brews, so I am clearly new to the "art". I've been reading various threads on this site for a couple of months, so I'm becoming familiar with the terminology, equipment, etc., but I would like to confirm my understandings regarding a couple of areas. 1. I understand that...
  20. bluespook

    Bottling Question--Cooking Wine

    Is this a tough question??