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  1. Nablis

    wy2042 danish lager review experience

    Others post your experiences as well. I made a munich Dunkel with wy2042 Made a 4 liter starter for 10 gallons of beer, cooled and decanted after 24hours on stir plate. Pitched at 48f Went from 1.070 to 1.019 racked to secondary after 27days I liked the yeast flavor but it took 2 months...
  2. Nablis

    My shamelessly cheap $12 DIY stir plate

    It was a gift from work.
  3. Nablis

    My shamelessly cheap $12 DIY stir plate

    Here is my stirplate I made using a watch box that I never used. Spinning a 5L starter with a 2 inch bar also it works with a 2L starter. At higher than half speed it will throw the bar on the 5L.
  4. Nablis

    Efficiency Crash - Pilsener Malt

    check your crush some malts have different grain size and you may need to adjust your mill for different malts. I recently changed my gap to .028 inches, have to recirculate more but its a better crush.
  5. Nablis

    wyeast 2007 St Louis Lager

    at about 2 weeks of lagering The dortmunder had a yeast aroma , it is at 3 weeks now and that has faded its is finally pretty clear and tastes good. Clean yeast profile, nice malt and hop balance. Previously it wasn't as clean and I didn't like it, but it just took the proper lagering time and...
  6. Nablis

    Purging with C02 to prevent oxidation

    yes, but as you can see in the video co2 is heavier than air and pours out when you pour out the water. It might work somewhat, air is going to be sucked in when the water flows out, but purging with co2 from a hose would be better. I just run a hose into my vessel and turn the gas on, I like...
  7. Nablis

    Purging with C02 to prevent oxidation

    won't the co2 pour out?
  8. Nablis

    Help Defining Yeast Rinsing Layers, British 1098

    I had a similar experience with wy2007 lager yeast, I poured off the murky liquid, it still had some white yeast that settled out in the fridge, then i discarded the darker layer and saved the bottom white layer and recombined the two saved layers when I pitched. I'm sure you will be fine...
  9. Nablis

    Stone XI Anniversary Clone

    Its good, more floral with centennial. Amarillo and simcoe more citrusy and more armoatic.
  10. Nablis

    Why do yeast produce alch and then co2?

    The alcohol content of the beer does not affect the carbonation level because the co2 during fermentation is escaping. After the beer is finished you bottle with a measured amount of sugar and that determines your carbonation level. Belgian quad is refermented in the bottle not primary...
  11. Nablis

    Why do yeast produce alch and then co2?

    just searched and corn sugar is dextrose , d-glucose, or glucose. I didn't know it had multiple names. The type of yeast or bacteria has an effect on the amount of co2 release. Saccharomyces cerevisiae (regular beer yeast) vs others like brettanomyces.
  12. Nablis

    Stone XI Anniversary Clone

    I just made this and used centennial and simcoe. Added dry hop yesterday. I'll let you know know in 2 weeks.
  13. Nablis

    wyeast 2007 St Louis Lager

    Dortmunder Export mashed 152 10lbs 10oz rahr pils 2lbs 4oz franco belges dark munich 10L hallertau mittlefreugh 60mins 1.7oz 5 mins .5oz 0 mins .5oz 36ibu rager og 1.055 fg 1.010 6% srm 6 mashed 152 single infusion 11/9 6pm pitched 1cup 235g wy2007 harvested...
  14. Nablis

    My shamelessly cheap $12 DIY stir plate newegg has same fan 14.99 free shipping. Awesome idea op. This is cheap enough and easy enough for me.
  15. Nablis

    First Lager - Two Questions

    Read about Narziss fermentation for lagers. You probably wont need a blow off, lagers are less vigorous than ales.
  16. Nablis

    Anyone ever get a yeast bath?

    I usually don't use wyeast but I just picked up a pack of 1056 today. I was trying to smack it in the car before driving home and it wasn't cooperating. I found it easier to just find the pouch and squeeze it with 2 fingers and pop it like that, worked like a charm.
  17. Nablis

    Stone XI Anniversary Clone

    I'm going to make this again as my next beer. It was one of my best and one of the only times I used simcoe, finally got some more.
  18. Nablis

    2012 Simcoe In Stock!

    I got my order through. I don't think steelers will post the time again lol:mug:
  19. Nablis

    Yeast Washing Illustrated -- REVISITED!!

    I just experience this with a lager yeast. In the second jar, Some white yeast settled at the bottom then trub then cloudy liquid. I poured off the cloudy liquid into another jar and saved it, then discarded the trub and saved the white yeast at the bottom as well and recombined them when I...
  20. Nablis

    Sacc pitch after lacto fermentation of Berliner Weisse

    I have made 1 berliner weisse and when I do it again I will do it like you have done. Lacto first then pitch sacc. I would add o2 the yeast need it and will absorb most of it.