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  1. Kalaloch

    Best beer for homegrown hops

    Meant to say all the hops are Cascade
  2. Kalaloch

    Best beer for homegrown hops

    I haven’t brewed beer for a few years, I’ve been making wine and hard cider. I have been growing hops for years and have 8 hop bines (im guessing I’ll end up with 100 hops or so not sure of the lbs) but never brewed with them yet. I am wondering what is a good light IBU beer that I can still...
  3. Kalaloch

    Hard Ginger Beer addition ideas

    Hi, yes that OG is correct, but honestly I think my above recipe need a few tweaks, it ends up being way too high of an ABV for me. I’d cut back on the sugar some. Also there are way better yeasts than what I recommended above. I started using English Ale Yeast for Hard Ciders, and I think it...
  4. Kalaloch

    Banana Wine

    I made 5 gallons of this banana wine and I agree with @Davedrinksbeer on what he said. Here are my added thoughts... If I remember correctly you will lose a ton of volume to the raisins. But do NOT top off with that much water. I believe you mentioned this is currently in a 6 gallon carboy...
  5. Kalaloch

    Banana Wine

    Yes sawdust and jet fuel. But wait 2 years and you will be greatly rewarded. I am just coming up on 2 years and mine tastes like a good white wine. I made 5 gallons as I figured 2 years is a long time to wait and I might as well have more wine.
  6. Kalaloch

    wife wishes it was bigger (my brew pot)

    I’m starting brewing beer after taking 2 years off and instead was brewing wine and hard cider. I realized I need a new brew pot I think that is what it is called? - it’s a big ass pot). My old pot was warped at the bottom and shakes and looks like it is possessed during boil. My wife is scared...
  7. Kalaloch

    Can I turn Hard Ginger beer into wine?

    I have 20 gallons of hard Ginger beer I made (4) 5 gallon carboys and I thought I’d like it but the taste doesn’t have enough body- it tastes like water with ginger in it. I could bottle it as beer and slowly drink it, but was wondering if I could just add some sugar and wine yeast and make it...
  8. Kalaloch

    Banana Wine

    So excited, I just bottled 5 gallons of banana wine! 14 months in carboy bulk aging, now 8 more months to bottle age. Still tastes hot but figure that will mellow. Here are some photos of the process. Thanks @Yooper!
  9. Kalaloch

    Blueberry Cider

    @MiBeerMan so4 is a beer/cider yeast so you’d end up with cider type not a wine. But you may need to check the sugar you may be over or under. The other thing is that you’ll need to age it for at least 3 months (I do 6 months) for it to taste better. So you’ll have to rack it probably at least...
  10. Kalaloch

    Adding yeast to get better carbonation

    I’ve done about 30 gallons of Hard Ginger Beer (5 gallons ea) and have never had good carbonation. I’ve checked carb sugar levels, caps, etc. Finally I’ve realized my ABV is too high for the yeast I’ve been using (S0-4 Yeast which ABV Max is around 8%). My Hard Ginger Beer is at 10%. So I have...
  11. Kalaloch

    Found cheap Brew Kettle from Restaurant Supply Store

    Ok thanks! Will there be any issues because it is aluminum? I think my Brewers Best kettle was stainless steel
  12. Kalaloch

    Found cheap Brew Kettle from Restaurant Supply Store

    Was looking to buy a new Brewing Kettle as my old Brewers Best one got warped and now jiggles like a drunk woman at the disco - when I brew. I realized Restaurant Supply Stores probably has large stock pots and sure enough I found one that is 6 gallons and very heavy duty aluminum for $38. Does...
  13. Kalaloch

    Fortify one bottle of wine

    Ok I know this is weird, but after bottling my wine I have one more bottle left that is 3/4 full with wine. I have wanted to try my hand at fortifying wine and though I'd take this opportunity and just screw around and try fortifying just this one bottle. I am ok with this being a best guess...
  14. Kalaloch

    Banana Wine

    Thanks guys that helps a lot, I went ahead and returned the brown wine bottles and got clear bottles. On a separate note I was just about to bottle my 5 gallons of banana wine but realized it is not clear any more. I added 5 camden tablets (crushed very well - but not mixed w/ water) a few...
  15. Kalaloch

    Can’t get Hard Ginger Beer to carb

    Sorry I was missing a bunch of details, I have updated the original post w/ that info. I myself wondered if the caps are not getting on there tight enough but it seems doubtful all 48 bottles would have a capping issue - as I cap them pretty hard w/ pressure, but it is a cheap feeling capper...
  16. Kalaloch

    Can’t get Hard Ginger Beer to carb

    Can’t get Hard Ginger Beer to carb. I’ve made my recipe multiple times and never get it to where it is bubbly when I pour and drink it, it is flat every time. Here’s some info: 5 gallon batch OG: 1.08 FG: 1.0 Yeast: S0-4 Aged 6 months at 65 degrees racked as needed Bottling Procedure: Make...
  17. Kalaloch

    Banana Wine

    Ready to bottle 5 gallons of banana wine, should I stick with dark wine bottles? I’d love to show off the color in a clear bottle but won’t be drinking the bottles sooner than 2 years (1 year to age, and another year to drink them all.) Why are rose wines bottle ok in clear bottles?
  18. Kalaloch

    Hard Ginger Beer Nutrients

    I've made 30+ gallons of hard ginger beer and have used yeast nutrient and yeast energizer but no other nutrients. Should I be adding other nutrients such as citric acid, tannins, or anything else to help the yeast feel happy with its basic needs?
  19. Kalaloch

    Aerated Carrot "Whisky" Wine

    Thanks! But the saga continues... I just racked it off the lees and the first gallon looks great (almost all liquid) but the second gallon (from the same fermentor bucket) is pure sludge in thickness. So I decided to pour that sludge back into the fermentor bucket and I added 1.75 gallons of...