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  1. SketchyMcG

    Bottling from the keg dilemma

    OK, so I have a pretty good IPA recipe that I was hoping to enter into the san diego fair hombrew competition. It was perfect coming out of the keg, but the beer that I bottled are way too flat! The beer is totally different and quite frankly, sucks now. I dont have anymore keg left, so my...
  2. SketchyMcG

    Holy Crap, I made beer!

    and its on tap in my house! After a huge failure with my ipa, I finally pulled off an AG batch and kegged it and it tastes great! Let me just say that the keg is definitley the place where homebrew belongs (other than my belly). Thanks to all for the advice!
  3. SketchyMcG

    Is my Keezer kaput?

    OK, I am a total moron. I scored a stand up freezer from a neghbor that I was in the process of converting and I hit a freezer line with my drill. A very small nick, but a slow and steady hiss nonetheless. I didnt expect lines where I was drilling b/c this is the freezer type with the lines...
  4. SketchyMcG

    Another Starter Question

    OK, I am doing my first all grain batch and I dont have any DME to do a starter. Can I use corn sugar for a starter? Sorry if this has been asked. Thanks! BTW.. I am using White Labs liquid california ale yeast. Would i be better off just pitching it?
  5. SketchyMcG

    Where's the hops???

    Thanks for the replies. Yeah, I am hoping that it is only young and will be uber-tasty in a couple of weeks. I will be sure to give the full report. Thanks again!:mug:
  6. SketchyMcG

    my first label

    :mug: love the pink floyd tribute too!
  7. SketchyMcG

    Where's the hops???

    OK, I just brewed my first partial mash a about 3 weeks ago, I am about one week in the bottle and I just tried one. It wasn't terrible, but it definately tasted sweet (hopefully the unfermented corn sugar) also, I couldn't detect any hop flavor. Is this typical for a beer that is too young...