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  1. Epimetheus

    sampling 4 yo home brew. Interesting. Not sick.

    Recently I decided to sell all my HB equipment. My other hobby is HO scale trains, and I have time and resources for 1 of 2. I found some HB bottles that were 4 to 5 years old. Popped several, and they foamed all over the place. A batch of porter and a batch of generic golden ale. Of COURSE...
  2. Epimetheus

    Grapefruit IPA

    A fine recipe, I will give it a try. And that is one heck of a head to keep the beer from spilling out.
  3. Epimetheus

    Rusty hoses from "Stainless" hose clamps

    If the steel oxidized, you would see some discoloration directly on the steel. The zinc oxidized black as you can see on the screw. Something else is going on here, I don't have enough info to determine exactly what is causing the discoloration on the outside of the hose. This will not help...
  4. Epimetheus

    Questions about group by for hops

    by the pound, then home brewers can make their own splits. I only mail-order 1 lb bags and I would split unfamiliar or specialty hops with a friend. You gotta make 2 or 3 batches with a new hop to learn it, which uses at least 8 oz.
  5. Epimetheus

    Brewers friend more accurate than beer smith?

    I thought my single hydrometer was accurate. I have been trying to estimate the efficiency of my mash process and now have no idea. :(
  6. Epimetheus

    Alternative Sugar Beer Fruit Loops Pale Ale

    Note this uses a store brand cereal and does not use the proprietary name "Froot Loops" Is it possible to capture the essential artificial flavors and sweetness of fruit loops cereal? I finally threw together a small extract batch to test it. This is purposefully lower alcohol and low...
  7. Epimetheus

    Message from lanlord (balcony brewing)

    'zactly what I was thinking. But then I read the electric brewing suggestions and they are much better for apartment living. If you are outside on the ground floor there are kids, and worse, the curious can-I-poke-at-that adults. There are many ways to get around the limitations of electric...
  8. Epimetheus

    Does my water suck?

    This has good information with descriptions of the effects of each mineral: Reading a Water Report "How to Brew", John Palmer, Chapter 15
  9. Epimetheus

    Need help with BIAB trub.

    Do you use irish moss to help settle the trub?
  10. Epimetheus

    Where to buy smaller volume bottles?

    Malta Goya in 7 oz brown twist-offs. I have successfully capped these and 6 months later the last brew was fine. A big imperial like your 12% will take 12 months to season. I think the capping will last at least that long. But really, fill up some 12 or 22 oz bottles and share them...
  11. Epimetheus

    Homebrewers Toolkit Review

    The app's website has a link to "Check its excellent ratings". Unfortunately the link is dead as is the whole site. This does not inspire confidence. Perhaps this software will inspire others to do better.
  12. Epimetheus

    Is there a way to make beer with out boiling?

    You can definitely get away without boiling all of it at once, and only need to boil a gallon or so for the hops. Yes, I know there will be less oils released in a smaller boil batch probably because the oils are more concentrated. It will be good beer. Wort is boiled to remove DMS (dimethyl...
  13. Epimetheus

    Extract porter recipe (whatchy'all think?)

    That's more like a black IPA. Which is not bad. If you still want a Porter, then the bitterness should be way down.
  14. Epimetheus

    NEW Smoked Rye IPA Recipe

    I made a smoked porter of 5 gal with 2 lbs cherry wood smoked malt. The smoke was strong, not a killer. My son said it taste like bacon. IMO three to five lbs would be OK for a 10 gallon batch.
  15. Epimetheus

    BIAB strainer question

    A steamer basket can make it easier to lift the bag of wet grain. You can also squish down on the bag in the basket to extract more malty goodness. Whatever works for you.
  16. Epimetheus

    Mind blown

    That explains why pizza is so great with beer. Round pizza. None 'o that square stuff.
  17. Epimetheus

    Extract porter recipe (whatchy'all think?)

    Seven pounds of DME calculates to 1.063 SG and 6% ABV. OK, a Robust Porter and the limit for that is 1.065. Not that you gotta brew to style. Whatever floats yer boat. The bitterness is down there around 21. Not too much hops for that much DME. I kinda like it. Porter is broad and...
  18. Epimetheus

    What are your priorities for storms?

    What are your priorities? I mean, who really needs bread, milk, and eggs?:D Our storm preparedness list: Toilet paper Water Power Internet Beer Wine Coffee battery powered light sources
  19. Epimetheus

    Spacing coils on homemade Immersion chiller

    Example of spacing coils by wrapping with copper wire. I think I used 14 gauge, which I found much easier to use than 12 gauge. The ports are facing inwards, a mistake because any leaks drip into the wort; this was corrected, they now face out.
  20. Epimetheus

    Milk stout

    Sorry, I did not understand your concern. Do you think the carbonation is happening much more slowly than previous batches? If so, in my small experience it varies between batches. Nothing to worry about. Question of my own: I have never read of kegging and carbonating with sugar. It has...