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  1. Rumblebelly

    Beer, wine, food fest in Old Forge, NY

    Glad you liked it. Too bad it wasn't much of a beer fest. I heard they are going to try to get Ommegang and other area breweries to attend.
  2. Rumblebelly

    Beer, wine, food fest in Old Forge, NY

    Stems and Steins Sept. 18 & 19 Stems & Steins Wine, Beer and Food Festival - Stems & Steins is a celebration of New York State wine, beer and food with an Adirondack flourish. Select producers and marketers of wine, beer, and food within New York State are invited to come represent the...
  3. Rumblebelly

    Start of a Starter FAQ

    Why is light DME recommended? I've made two starters from wyeast smackpacks using amber DME (1 cup DME to 1 qt filtered water, 15 min boil and cool before pitching). Both times the starters never really took off, just patches of foam floating on the top after 48 hours. I went ahead and brewed...
  4. Rumblebelly

    Water profile -how to fix...

    Actually, you'd wanna draw your brew water and pull a lab sample from it right then and there. I doubt any of us would do that. Just brew on! At my last job, I used to monitor data coming from a municple drinking water pump station where a online measurements were taken once a minute. If I...
  5. Rumblebelly

    Anyone make an Election Beer today?

    I celebrated Election Day by making beer. I decided to name this beer Obama Ale. Ironically, it's an English Pale Ale (not intentional o'course). :drunk:
  6. Rumblebelly

    Food poisoning from infection?

    It could have been something other than Chili's. Nailing down the source of food poisoning is almost impossible unless other people were infected. It could have been because you didn't wash your filthy hands before eating, your kitchen counter was covered with bacteria while you made that...
  7. Rumblebelly

    Logo help..??

    Actually, that very cabin is in St Elmo, Colorado. It's one of my first paintings and I hate the background. Someone mentioned it looked Bob Rossy and I totally agree. The name of the painting is "Isolation" but if the OP called it Isolation Ale...well, let's just say that was already taken...
  8. Scan10021


  9. Rumblebelly

    Logo help..??

    Here's a bad painting I did a few years ago with some mountains in the background.
  10. Rumblebelly

    Surprising Aeration Results

    Yeah, I read that. I'd be surpised if wort would take in more O2 than tap water but you never know. If his DO meter is that far off though, it makes me wonder what else might be wrong. Anyway, my personal opinion is that shaking or rocking would be much more effective. If you put your...
  11. Rumblebelly

    Surprising Aeration Results

    We do a lot of DO testing in our lab and often need to reach a target 8 +/-ppm DO for all of our initial samples. On smaller bottles, 300 mls, we use a regular aquarium pump and it takes a few minutes for it to reach the target. Granted, I'm talking aerating purified water though...
  12. Rumblebelly

    First brew - no hydrometer change after 9 days

    Maybe I should try repitching the yeast? Since the manuf. OG is 1.031 and mine was actually 1.034, my FG should be less than 1.014. Probably more like 1.011? It's been a week of no gravity change. If I did my calcs right, I have 2% beer. Is there a chance it'll ferment more in the next...
  13. Rumblebelly

    First brew - no hydrometer change after 9 days

    So I'm guessing I should just let her sit for a couple of weeks?:confused:
  14. Rumblebelly

    First brew - no hydrometer change after 9 days

    It was the 60 Shilling (kinda wish I got a higher gravity kit). NB says the kit's OG should be 1.031. The OG temp was around 85 ish but I did the temp conversion, following the instructions that came with the hydrometer. However, it was really hard to see exactly where the liquid met the...
  15. Rumblebelly

    First brew - no hydrometer change after 9 days

    I know it's only been 5 days but I checked it again and the gravity is still at 1.014. However, I tasted it and it has a fuller flavor. I'm still wondering if I should repitch another yeast pack. Is it worth putting it in a secondary fermenter, especially with this style? I forgot to...
  16. Rumblebelly

    First brew - no hydrometer change after 9 days

    Ferm temps are between 69-71 F. I'll try swirling it like everyone suggested. We'll see if it helps some. Thanks.
  17. Rumblebelly

    First brew - no hydrometer change after 9 days

    Hi Everyone, Nine days ago I brewed my first batch, thanks to my lovely wife who bought me a kit for my b-day from Northern Brewer. The batch is a Scottish Ale extract kit from Northern Brewer with dry yeast, doing the full boil because my better half bought me the bigger pot. I had a lot...
  18. Rumblebelly

    Start of new label for my Stout!

    Nice label! I like the background, how did you come up with it?
  19. Rumblebelly

    New Oatmeal Stout Label

    Well, this is my first reply and I have never homebrewed yet so... Nice label. I like the concept, any "earthy" is cool by me. However, the "fall oatmeal stout" red part kinda competes with the tree in the background too much. This makes the label seem busier than you might think. The fact...
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