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  1. El Pistolero

    Five + years on this forum!

    Never going all grain, never gonna keg, never gonna brew a lager for sure, got no use for PAs or IPAs or least I'm past six years now and don't have a herms or rims or any of that new-fangled stuff...$7500 you say?
  2. El Pistolero

    Growing Old Sucks!

    Thanks so much for everyone that has replied here...talking really helps, and I know that time will dull the pain. Drinking normally helps too, but for some reason not so much with this type of pain. :( Just got the 'didn't make it' list for my 40th hs reunion. Seems as tho going out with me...
  3. El Pistolero

    Is HP Racist?

    Not racist, but they do show a marked preference for unattractive women.
  4. El Pistolero

    Growing Old Sucks!

    Massive Wall of Bummer to Follow...Pass On By Getting old sucks...people around you start to die. I stopped by to see Todd a couple of weekends ago...a dear friend that I've known for 40 yrs this Sept, since our freshman yr in college. Todd's fallen on some tough times lately, he has...
  5. El Pistolero

    yooper is awesome

    I would have thought it'd be the whip. ;)
  6. El Pistolero

    Whats more Awful Tofu or Belgian Beer?

    Ok, enlighten me. What is a good entry level belgian that will help me to learn to appreciate them. I'm serial. ;)
  7. El Pistolero

    Whats more Awful Tofu or Belgian Beer?

    Tofu can be pretty tasty if prepared, I've never dumped any tofu out.
  8. El Pistolero

    Can I use this as a brew kettle?

    If the bottom is convex, then very little of it will be in contact with the cook top. That thing would probably work fine on a gas burner, but it'll take forever to heat up on that ceramic top in the pic.
  9. El Pistolero

    Obnoxious Football Trash Talk Thread

    What is this...Old Timers day today? :)
  10. El Pistolero

    Houston homebrewers

    Maybe we need to have an all Kingwood brew and secede from Houston get together. :D
  11. El Pistolero

    home brewer tv?

    They got hacked a month or so ago, and it's taking them awhile to get back up and running. Oh, by the way...stay the f away from my truck. ;)
  12. El Pistolero

    Houston homebrewers

    How could anyone pass up the chance to meet two ex-mods? ;)
  13. El Pistolero

    Houston homebrewers

    Hey Regulation...are you in the Kingwood Homebrew Society?
  14. El Pistolero

    Houston homebrewers

    Definitely need to do that...we'll need a pretty big venue tho...there must be a couple hundred on here.
  15. El Pistolero

    Houston homebrewers

    Doing OK...was hiding in the shadows myself up until a couple months ago. You get over to Ginger Man much anymore?
  16. El Pistolero

    Houston homebrewers

    Dang...where you been, man?
  17. El Pistolero

    Houston homebrewers

    Kingwood here, and there are a couple others on here too.
  18. El Pistolero

    Alaska Homebrewers say your piece

    Back off dude...nobody here rolls that way. ;) Did you perhaps intend to post this one forum lower, in DRMM? :drunk:
  19. El Pistolero

    SWMBO moving in and so it begins

    So, conservatives don't get their feelings hurt? :confused: And it's their, not there. ;)
  20. El Pistolero

    Who remembers this from back in the day??

    I remember it...the whole movie was take-offs of the popular tv commercials of the time. It was one of those movies that was only funny if you're stoned, but that was the 70's, and pretty much everyone was. ;) The funniest bit was an ad for this stuff called Brown-24...another fine product...