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  1. nmj

    Food dehydrator - any recommendations?

    First year plant and I've got quite a few cones that I want to harvest soon.
  2. nmj

    First year hops

    I don't get a ton of hop smell from them. I'm guessing it's just the first year and the awesome fragrance won't be around until year 2 and beyond. Need to do some reading.
  3. nmj

    First year hops

    Those look very healthy. I've got a decent first year Chinook that is also doing well for the Houston, Tx area. I've got some of the first hop cones that are starting to turn brown so I'm thinking I need to selectively pick the ones that are older and probably are a bit more "papery" feeling?
  4. nmj

    Stuck faucet

    I'm thinking it's residual beer and cheap faucets so, I guess it will be an issue until I replace them.
  5. nmj

    Stuck faucet

    I've got 2 chrome with brass levers that are always getting stuck after several days of no lever action. What's the deal with that?
  6. nmj

    Pellet hops filtering question

    Same here. I have a bazooka screen and have used pellets and whole cone. Clogs up every time. I took some advise and built myself a hopblock. Should work well. We'll see. 1 - 4" PVC collar 1 - 5" stainless steel hose clamp 4 - 3/8" x 10" bolts 8 - 3/8" nuts 8 - 3/8" washers 1 - 1 gallon...
  7. nmj

    Corrugated roofing on a keezer?

    Yeah, I'm looking for it to look similar to this.
  8. nmj

    Corrugated roofing on a keezer?

    I really like to rustic look of using this material and want to on my keezer I'm building now. Just need to get a few comments and ideas from people who have done it and photos if you've got 'em. Much appreciated.
  9. nmj

    Starting my keezer build... thoughts?

    Nice. I was thinking of doing the same thing for my build. Where did you get the tin roofing?
  10. nmj

    Mosquito in my starter

    I don't how the F that thing got in my flask but it did. I'll back up. I made a yeast starter (1000ml) last Thursday night to pitch on Saturday and found a mosquito floating in the flask. Must have gotten in while I was prepping the yeast pack to pitch. I put the starter in the fridge and...
  11. nmj

    Yeast breeding? At home? Stupid question...?

    Interesting. I contemplated doing the same thing recently but can't bring myself to potentially ruin a batch of beer
  12. nmj

    Starting my keezer build

    Just got a killer deal on a 8.8 Kenmore for $150.00. Brand new in the box. The hood is dented in like hell but the seal stays together when closed. I just got a Johnson Controls digital thermostat controller and am curious on where to punch a small hole for the temp probe? Should I go in...