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  1. LakeGrove

    Awesome source of beer equipment & parts

    I was looking for equipment for my winery when I came across a Superior Products catalog. In case you are not familiar with these guys here's link: Draft Boxes, Draft Beer Boxes - Superior Products I have seen some very nice homade draft boxes on this forum. These guys have some nice...
  2. CherylsChoiceRaspberry


  3. RaspberryandApplereadyforthebottle


  4. LakeGrove


    I thought I was the only one. I shot expert last year using the trigger pull technique because that pesky double action throws off your first shot no matter how good you are. The RSO said my score didn't count so I'd have to shoot again. Fine! I moved to a new lane and made sure no one was...
  5. LakeGrove

    Do smaller carboys settle faster than big ones?

    Just thought you'd all like to know that the 5 gallon carboy has cleared very nicely. I plan to rack it this week end and see if I can keep it clear enough to bottle soon. Wish me luck. :mug: :tank:
  6. LakeGrove

    Do smaller carboys settle faster than big ones?

    I plan on making Mead for my next chemistry experiment. That was my original plan for this weekend but somehow ended up spending the whole weekend building a super cool Grape Arbor. What an adventure. :mug: My wife wanted it painted white so I set up the airless sprayer. For some reason it...
  7. LakeGrove

    Do smaller carboys settle faster than big ones?

    Sorry. I was temporarily devoid of the influence of alcohol so I was having a lucid moment where I thought I was smart. But I got over it. Although it was fun while it lasted.:rockin: In the meantime I racked the gallon again, which was more of an excuse to drink than to rack. :tank: The 5...
  8. LakeGrove

    Do smaller carboys settle faster than big ones?

    I want to thank you all for your comments. Some thought out and considered, some merely opinion. All are appreciated. So I have been thinking about this a lot. Probably too much. Does that mean I'm obsessed? I was wondering what Galileo would think about this question. Here's my...
  9. LakeGrove

    Do smaller carboys settle faster than big ones?

    I made what was supposed to be a five gallon batch of Raspberry that ended up being six gallons. When i racked it I filled a 5 gallon carboy then a one gallon jug. its been sitting for sevvferal weeks now and has a very dark, rich raspberry color. This evening i tried to shine a light through...
  10. LakeGrove

    A few quick mead questions?

    So what, you're gonna study the theory of balance and the physics of inertia before you learn how to ride a bike? :cool: Honey+Water+Yeast+Time=Mead. The rest is just details. :tank: I'll let you know how it goes after I make my first Mead. Wish me luck. :drunk:
  11. LakeGrove


    If the anti-gun boneheads and the UN have there way that's the way it will be for all of us. Once your Second Ammendment rights are gone then they'll start in on your First Ammendment rights. Oh, wait, they already are. :drunk: That's why I belong to the NRA. By protecting my Second Amendment...
  12. LakeGrove

    5 gallons to 10 gallons, what changes?

    CPT, I spent a yearthere in '05. At that time I was not into brewing my own. But now that there is a possibility of going again (soon) I don't know if I would be able to adhere to General Order 1A. Then again, if I made up a few batches of wine before I left I wouldn't be tempted to mess with...
  13. LakeGrove

    My campden solution is growing mold

    (I hope that's not an insult.:D) There's so much to learn. I hate to think I may have ruined a batch. But, Hey... That is just an excuse to make more!!!:rockin:
  14. LakeGrove

    My campden solution is growing mold

    Since I'm new at this I figure there will be a serious learning curve. I understood that campden was used for both. I will do some research and figure it out but you have shed some light on a dark path. Thanx Big Kahuna.
  15. LakeGrove

    My campden solution is growing mold

    I crushed a campden tablet and dissolved it in a gallon of water. I used this solution to sanitize a 5 gallon carboy. i then poured the campden solution into a one gallon plastic jug to save for the next carboy. That was twoo weeks ago. Today I noticed a black mold growing on the top of the...
  16. LakeGrove


    OK, I fudged a little. It is a 25 meter target designed to simulate a 300 meter target. Yes it takes out much of the trajectory and it eliminates windage, but it is still a helluva shot group. Most guys have a hard time getting three in the black let alone 5 in the same spot. And you gotta...
  17. LakeGrove


    I'm with you. I hunt the open fields and canyons of SE WA and a 400yd shot is pretty common. My main hunting rifle is a 7mm MAG. Its a pre 64 Winchester Model 70 (best rifle ever made) with a Leupold VX II 3x9 scope. Got this nice 4x4 in '06. And this Elk last year at 560...
  18. RaspberriesandApples


    Raspberry in the Primary and Apple in the Carboy.
  19. TheWineRoom


    A little nook in the basement that is my current temporary wine room.
  20. LakeGrove

    Anyone in IT wanna take a stab at this one?

    I AM the WA Guard:rockin: JFHQ