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  1. J

    Stored grain accidentally heated up.

    I wouldn’t be, truck trailers and rail cars can easily get that hot inside most of the country most of the year so I’d bet that many folks sacks of grains have seen those temps before since they are shipped around the country in them. Now long term storage at those temps would be a problem.
  2. J

    1.144: is this just a bad idea?

    I agree, step feeding would be a good approach for that gravity.
  3. J

    What are you drinking now?

    Water, I'm at work. No pic required, you all know what it looks like!
  4. J

    1.144: is this just a bad idea?

    At that OG I would oxygenate at least a second smaller dose at about 12 hours after pitching and more likely a 3rd small dose at about 24 hours after pitch. The yeast will use it up.
  5. J

    Have I messed up?

    It will dissipate, it is SOP in making wine from grapes to sulphite at or just after crush/press and then wait 24 hours for the Meta K to do its thing and dissipate before pitching yeast
  6. J

    Tilt reads 1.003 in tap water.

    I just checked my new tilt last night in distilled water, it was jumping between 1.001 and 1.002. I was just about to adjust the calibration when I took a closer look and noticed two small bubbles stuck to it. I gave it a twist to knock them off and then it went to jumping between 1.000 and...
  7. J

    I'm dying ...

  8. J

    Troubleshooting: Frozen beer in fermenter

    The yeast in the wort are likely still alive, some may have died but I think you may be surprised if you just let it come up to ferm temps.
  9. J

    Empty CO2 - Is my beer going to go bad?

    Your beer is most likely fine, but you have to find the leak! You may know this but I'll mention it in case you don't. CO2 bottle valves should be fully opened and firmly turned fully open just as one would when closing the valve. They have a double valve stem seal and if not fully opened or...
  10. J

    Do you need a 1 off Stainless part built for your system? Let's discuss it.

    Hi Jaybird, I have an assembly I kind of MacGyvered together to wash cornie and sanke kegs that I would like to improve upon and hoping you can help me with that. I’ll private message you with pics of what I have built and see what you can do
  11. J

    Canadian Bacon

    That looks great, I’ve made cured bacon many times, and like DBhomebrew, I have always used Meathead’s (at amazingribs) method. Works great, the Goldilocks cure, neither too little nor too much.
  12. J

    For Sale Lots of Homebrew Equipment for sale in Plymouth Meeting PA

    I’d like to know about the carboys you have, sizes and prices. Also, I’m always on the lookout for Better Bottles and/or BB accessories.
  13. J

    Virginia Equipment for sale Northern VA

    I suppose they are non-ported then. Better bottles come in two versions, one with just the opening in the neck at the top and another version that has a second opening on the side wall near the bottom. Check their website if you want to know more.
  14. J

    Virginia Equipment for sale Northern VA

    Are the better bottles ported or non-ported?
  15. J

    Ohio Selling All Of My Brew Gear!

    I maybe am interested in the pin locks if you are willing to ship and the shipping cost is not too high. Any pics of these kegs available
  16. J

    Ohio Selling All Of My Brew Gear!

    Are the better bottles ported or non-ported?