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  1. Schlenkerla

    HSA and whirlpool question

    You can use Oxy Clean, Powdered Brewery Wash, or nuke with Sodium Hydroxide. OxyClean leaves a smell that needs a lot of rinsing.
  2. Schlenkerla

    Roast 'em, Toast 'em, Smoke 'em If you Got 'em

    I'm still around ... Just been busy with work and family life.
  3. Schlenkerla

    Fresh grain flavour

    Pot calls kettle black.... how do you know that? Your grain selection isn't going to do a thing for flavor if there's a poor mashing process. What MrPowers outlined above is correct. It's not complicated. No fancy or special equipment is required. Just a little focus on some minor process...
  4. Schlenkerla

    Spent Grain? Make Your Best Friend Cookies!

    It's a royal pain in the aß to stir.... MIL buys and always asks me to stir it for her. LoL
  5. Schlenkerla

    Mash rakes and low oxygen

    I don't know of anybody using rakes who do LOB, at least not at the hobby level. I used a mash paddle for a year before switching to pump and then a HERMS. The pump was mostly for recirculating at lauter time. HERMS kind of changed all that. A rake I guess is OK, if you do it quickly and...
  6. Schlenkerla

    New Blog Post: Flavour Stability in Homebrewing

    Thanks for posting!!! :bigmug:
  7. Schlenkerla

    Hoppy Farter's Day

    Revitaling this thread.... Hoppy Farter's Day all you Farter's. - Go ahead and have another beer and a Happy Father's day too.
  8. Schlenkerla

    Blonde Ale Miller Lite (Really Triple Hopped)

    The closest thing I made to this was without enzyme. It was a Grätzer. 3 lbs of pilsner and 3 lbs of wheat malt. Then hopped to 40 IBU with saaz. Pitching S-05. The grist was 100% oak smoked. Tasted like light beer and smoked ham. Actually was really good.
  9. Schlenkerla

    Blonde Ale Miller Lite (Really Triple Hopped)

    This beer, as an ale, should be in a brut style or a malt liquor maybe. Maybe a brut cream ale. Maybe it best as a hybrid style. I'm of the mindset of making what I like and something for family and friends. In 14 years of brewing, I have never thought to enter a judging competition. That's...
  10. Schlenkerla

    Blonde Ale Miller Lite (Really Triple Hopped)

    Buy yourself a milk crate or find an old one in the garage and repurpose it for this activity.
  11. Schlenkerla

    Blonde Ale Miller Lite (Really Triple Hopped)

    Glad to see so many of you making this.
  12. Schlenkerla

    Blonde Ale Miller Lite (Really Triple Hopped)

    Nice!!! Like some of my first pictures.
  13. Schlenkerla

    Random Picture Thread

    I'll just let your imagination go on this one....
  14. Schlenkerla

    Random Picture Thread

    Maybe they're a green roofing place that staffed only with botanists and forestry people. Their gardening and tree service morphed into a green roofing business.
  15. Schlenkerla

    Random Picture Thread

    How many beers were you into before you had that shot taken?
  16. Schlenkerla

    Random Picture Thread

    Whatcha gonna do if you catch one, play with it?
  17. Schlenkerla

    VPN'S & Internet Security

    Out of curiosity... My work PC is encrypted. So does that mean it's a) encrypted locally b) leaving encrypted through the network or c) is only encrypted thru the VPN? FWIW - I have Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client on my PC. Which is what we call "the VPN" at work.
  18. Schlenkerla

    VPN'S & Internet Security

    My chromebox is not corrupted. It's completely sandboxed. Meaning the OS can't be modified. It reinstalls every time it's rebooted. It reboots in under 7 seconds. It's much like a mobile phone like desktop but more like a thin client. If not actually that.
  19. Schlenkerla

    VPN'S & Internet Security

    I see VPNs differently. Maybe I'm wrong as I never studied it professionally. I've used I2P for a few years. I see it as software that takes your communication and encrypts it with an key, then splits it into 2 or more channels, transmits it to the recipient. That recipient has the same VPN...
  20. Schlenkerla

    Post coronavirus meal

    How's the home life going? Very healthy I hope! [emoji482]